Century of Misinformation.

100 years ago a great change came about in England and its politics, Women

Suffragettes were members of women’s suffrage (right to vote) movements in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, particularly in Great Britain and United States. Suffragist is a more general term for members of suffrage movements, whether radical or conservative, male or female. The term

The date 5th June 1913 may well have been only one of the indents carried out by Emily Davison embers of the “suffragette” however was one of the most important for a very militant member Emily Davison, died whilst trying to THROW A SUFFRAGETTE BANNER OVER THE HEAD OF THE KINGS HORSE AT THE EPSOM DERBY.

This incident has become folk law, so much so, in the past 100 years, in every book on the subject contains the clear fact that Davison made a planned attempt on the precise race horse obviously because it was owned by the King this would create a vast amount of publicity for their cause.
On 5 June 1913. This brilliant plan was executed.
WIKIPEDIA along with every Book Magazine or News Paper feature on the subject confirm the plan and how it was carried out.

During the years it has become obvious that it made a great story, and much more news worthy than the TRUTH.

Only a few yards from where Miss Donaldson, carried out her historical act.
Along the Corner, to get a good position w as the runners came towards the last 5 furlongs.

Ernest Fletcher a Birmingham Bookmaker had a pitch (site) and had been trading there since 12.0 that day, on the run up to the big race, crowds gathered as can be seen in trading only yards from where Miss Davison aged was standing, Davison entered the course, he noticed her because of her Suffragette flag;

.THE KING’S JOCKEY “Here are his words”
The Suffragette Derby of 1913 involved the sacrifice of a woman’s life for her cause, but what of the man who feels responsible for killing her?
The life of the King’s jockey is changed forever by his dramatic encounter with a woman prepared to sacrifice everything for her cause.
Born into the world of racing, Herbert ‘Bertie’ Jones loved horses; they were his life. His remarkable skill led to him becoming the King’s jockey and the public’s hero. During the Derby of 1913, a woman throws herself in front of his horse. She dies and he is injured. Herbert feels haunted by the woman he feels responsible for killing. By finding her, he finds himself.
The video.

Fletcher says, from where Miss Davison climbed under the running rail already the vast majority of the runners had already passed. Only a few stragglers remained, these horses were stretched out over a very long distance,
So what I must accept is that Emily already knew that that Abnar the Kings horse had not yet arrived at the point where she would cross the track…

The bend in the track seen clearly on the news footage obviously the horses never mind to see which was which and were they were in the race. And this would not allow any one standing were Emily was to see were the Kings Horse was.

Of course there was no commentary, in 1913 just a great deal of shouting for us to believe what has been portrayed as the truth she must have known that the horses already passed and a long way down the hill to the winning post none of them was Abnar.As the horses rounded Tottenham Corner, Anmer was third from last.

Emily Wilding Davison got underneath the barrier and threw herself in front of Anmer. The horse went over and Jones came off. Davison took the full force of a sprinting race horse hitting her. The impact took her clean off the ground.
That alone is strong evidence that Emily did not know precisely were the Kings runner was,

As she walked to the middle of the course the stragglers are well stretched out




I have left the most compelling evidence until last,

Of the 17 runners, 11 had run past Emily when she made the move, it is inconceivable that she knew that the Kings horse was still to come.
As she walked over to a position about 15 ft from the rails she was most fortunate that there was a sizable distance between the, leading group and 6 horses virtually tailed off.

The fact that she should make her way into the middle of the course shows the distance between the 11 runners already bolted.

As she stood there facing down the hill not to were the last 5 runners were now coming on towards her

Two horses had taken evasive Acton messing her by a fraction.

The next horse was Abnar ridden by Jones, who ran right into her at no time did she raise her arms as reported, chance that she knew that the Kings horse was last but three is ridiculous to state.

This was a pure chance that the most famous man in the land and the suffragette looking for publicity should have a coming together, every news paper in the world only wanted one statement and that was

"A sufferhette jumped in front of the Kings horse"

No on with to believe that a demented suffragette just happened to cross the course when the race was almost over and was struck accidently by the Kings horse tailed off

with no chance of success.

Even The Kings jockey when he wrote his book, knew what he had to say, certainly if he wanted to sell one”
However it is sad that we now have an historic fact that forever and a day will believe,

I only hope that Wiki can place my factual opinion in a place where other people can gain an opinion for themselves.

Don Butler

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