What do we want?

February 25th, 2015

In the past 10 years I have written my tales from a personal point, after all I was the son of a
racing man born during the Peeky Blinders years, as well as 150 yards from there Pub.
He was there during the Brummie wars, and survived.
I was born 2 years into the WW2 , 1937.
Dad made his big money during the War, as an engineer at the Austin, as a Black Market, dealer and a tick tac during the early years of Greyhound racing, 1925
I was thrown into a different world when my Dad went skint, 1955
As I remember theses differing life style I can honestly tell you Money is Best.

The one thing that made me a thinker was the times when I sat as quite as a mouse listening to grand dads and uncles, who had lived through every hardship imaginable.

It was one day during the war years when Birmingham was being bombed`constantly 1940 that I sat in the family air raid shelter.
Surrounded by food, that my Grandfather Albert Russell. said, if a german bomb lands on us directly no tins of beans or mashed potatoes, will save us.

“So let us all smile, and fuck em all. let them do there worse”

One day when he was taken very ill. my mother informed me that Grandpa Albert had sent me a present, excitement was increased by the size of the box that the gift was encased.

As soon as I opened it it stunk, my happiness became curtailed, when I realised that it was his old army over coat. from his period in WW1.
I never actually took the coat out of the box, and placed it under my bed.

Fortunately for us all Private Albert Russell. overcome his impending end, and once again we had the great pleasure of his dinner time chats.

One day he asked if he could have his coat back.
“Of course you can Grandad,”
Not telling him that the present was still in the box, under my bed.
It was December, and getting a little colder by the day.

“Noddy” (My family nick name) for Donny.

“In life there are only 3 things you require, Food, (Water) Love and Warmth.
You will survive with just those three”
“What I left you was a guarantee against Cold. of course it may not have seemed a great deal, when it arrived in June, but you wait Son one day you will think it is a Kings Ransom”.
I once again smiled, you never knew if he was joking or not.

By january, i was spending more and more time in my luxurious bed, covered in sheets and warm blankets, that year Granddad died, and was missed by us all.

One night in 1949 things had changed drastically, we had moved from our lovely private house and was living temporarily in a two roomed flat, in an area bombed night and day, only 8 years before. to say it was a slum, is unfair to my mothers family who all lived in Balsall Heath, and once in there homes Slum would never be a fair description, there homes were spotlessly clean,

I was sleeping with my mother and a 4 year old sister, it was another January, freezing, 8 below.

During one of these’s nights when I mentioned “Mom what happened to Granddads Overcoat”?

It was some time before my Mom, said,
“What a clever lad you are, It is in the Box, in the other room, covered with rubbish.”

I opened the door with freezing hands, and the whole pile was frozen in block.
I struggled until I found this wooden Box, right at the bottom, inside a massive coat, still stinking from the dirt of the Somme, Stained with black patches, that fortunately no one told me was probably the blood of hero,s

By the time I carried it to the bedroom, I was worn out but managed to cover my mom and sister.
We all may have been a little hungry, and were not short of love and affection, but for the next 4 years I never once felt the cold.
It was after things changed, financially, and I was living in a three bedroom detached opposite the Lickey Hill. that I traced the coat and still in very cold winters like 1962 I relied upon Alberts gift to make up the magical threesome. for by now Love was a plenty, owing to the Beatles, F

Food was over flowing, but it was still cold in the winters,

By 1963 I had made it a habit, to make sure the Alberts 3 some was guaranteed, complete,
The coat of many stains and smells, was no longer required,

With yearly trips to Las Americas Canaries. one thing I had eradicated was coldness.

In a bad winter, sitting in a Spanish bar out of the way, from any snow and sleet, I often drank a sip to Private Russell. and of course his wife Jenny.

Were ever he is, I hope and pray he is warm.


A Frightener Grand National Week.

February 25th, 2015

Any one who wishes to get the fright of there life, without any riding ability. can apply to me.

I intend to apply for a tour of Croxteth Hall. and ask Derek AcorahDerek Acorah needs no introduction. The pioneer for Spiritualism and mediumship on television, he is arguably the world’s most renowned Spirit Medium having demonstrated to many hundreds of thousands of people in theatres throughout the UK. Derek’s television career dates back over fifteen years when he became the first medium ever to demonstrate live on air and without the benefit of an edit suite on a weekly basis bringing hope and comfort to the viewing public.

Derek was given the job of examining, Croxteth Hall, and although he missed a trick by believing that the last Lord Sefton 7th, was the one calling for help when it was Charlie’s the 5th.

It appears that this year he is fully booked with dodgy sightings all over the country. but we have no interest other than at Liverpool the last week of March. (Grand National)

What I require is a group of like minded individuals. willing to spend a few hours, examining the Attic at Croxteth, and seek particular area,s, what would be ideal would be a group of young students, interested in Psychic Spiritualism,

No one has ever pin pointed actual rooms and individuals, in this case, 1880 to 1905.
William Molyneux, 4th Earl of Sefton a Goody.
His wife Hon. Cecil Emily Jolliffe (1838–1899), the fifth daughter of William Jolliffe, 1st Baron Hylton. Nasty.
Osbert the 6th Lord Sefton, Under his mothers spell.
Lady Rose Molyneux, Goody
Charles Molyneux, 5th Earl of Sefton Not absolutely sure.

Before the organisation can be agreed, I could do with a few would be historians, with either time on there hands, or a definite interest in psychic study to get in touch through Comment.
And we can end a debate that has been festering for over 100 years.



Get ready for Cheltenham

February 24th, 2015

I spent a day at Wolverhampton, all weather was never my forte,
Even when my Son was chopping it off betting in running, with the proverbial 3 second advantage.

I had come to a conclusion, about horses that are held up with a late run.
What surprised me was the difference in texture between the AW courses.
My mind went back to my days at Yarmouth, when I would take any one in a 50 yard dash.

What I found was if I held myself up, coming with a hand full with 10 yards to go, as I accelerated. I went deeper into the sand, and this quite often caught my self out.

As for grass it is a great deal easier to accelerate from the back.

When I got home I could stop myself reminiscing what racecourse have lost in the last 15 years

Tick Tacs
Smart Dressed Bookmakers with quaint names.
Bookmakers Odds, in competition. not all the same.
Chit Chat amongst Bookmakers and the Clientele.

What I also noticed was only one price all from the same system, if a 7/4 chance being offered by one Bookmaker, shortened to 13/8 there was no chance of a little short sprint into the back line to take the 7/4. being offered by a brave back line newbie.
The reason was that they are all linked as one.

I have been invited to do a after dinner speech, on day one. were they love my history lesson.

“Bigger the Better”
If I fail to make it, this year I will explain what you once a year £5 Punters should do,on seeking out a 50/1 winner.

What you should do is spend a little time examining, the stables who have had success over the past 5 years, at the Cheltenham Festival.

I love to watch the Odds Checker, and Betfair early morning nibbles.

5 years ago before my left eye gave way, stable moves, creating false evidence, was well worth examination, I had an app. that could pick up Betfair place markets, were slightly made moves
that were under the Bookmakers place odds,
I thought that if a move even only slight could be significant,
All these moves were followed a few moments later in the Odds Checker Win market, and then in betfair’s win Book.
The type of races were 16 runner Handicaps plus, this year with two or three Bookmakers paying on 5 places, there will be 5/6 stables who use this delicate move, and i highly recommend. an early bird policy.

Of course if you were a trader as against a punter, such a move would be money for old rope, but aa these money back concessions, can be dangerous for those who don’t know how to get there original stake back without loss.


Crime of the Century.(Reward)

February 22nd, 2015

For many years I have spent more time than I have to spare in seeking out the truth behind a Victorian of “Who Did it.”
I say Victorian, even though the crime took place in December 2nd 1901.
The myth about what constituted a Crime of the Century is never ending.
As my interest evolves around Gambling, this time of the year always falls on the world greatest racing event The Grand National. but before I get out all my notes on the event, and wonder why, Jockeys Tom Olliver and George Stevens, are never mentioned, as Icons.

But once I get that Bee out of my particular hive, I then move on to the greatest travesty, in both the horse racing field. and general human endeavour, in the Truth. after all, every one would like that element to overcome all others.

As I commence my yearly enquiry into what I call the “Mull Murder”,I find instead of it being easier, to uncover the evidence I require, I find that there is a conspiracy of silence, that has made this particular “Who Did It” further away from an answer.

In 1975 a simple conversation, with a old Croxteth Hall gardener, working on the flower borders, out side the main entrance to the Hall.
When I engaged him in my main interest, The Grand National he was a little shocked, stating
“Every Body writes stores about the National” but the real tale has never ever been told,

Awaiting for his tale I must say I was less than interested, after all I was no Ghost Hunter, but after a while he had me hooked. Could a Brother and Sister, both exceedingly wealthy children of Lord 4th Sefton, be part of a massive crime, never been uncovered. in 114 years.

Pointing to an area high in the Halls Atick. half hidden, from view, the Gardner concluded “That was were they kept a poor Girl, for over 7 years”.

All I could see were many windows all looking the same. however wishing to please the man, I
waited for his conversation to continue.

“In that window, the Lords sister, Rose remained locked for 6/7 years, and only came out to be berried in 1905,

“What had she done wrong,?” I was becoming more than interested.
If you ever see an old mans eyes worn out, after years of watching wrongs, that he could never put right. then you will see the true meaning of despair.

This man, a gardener with no power, other than to plant and wait, had obviously seen something that was not right. and he was prepared to take his knowledge to the grave, even though he had prayed that one day he would talk to someone about what he had seen..

In a voice also worn out, not from shouting but whispering,

“It was the Crime of the Century” his statement so sincere that I had to listen.
Even now in 2015 I still feel sorry for that old gardner, a scouse who must have died by now. a man with a secret.

However it wasn’t the most important matter in my box of tricks. I had a young family to provide for,
In a very tricky industry, my concern, was personel. and financial. but I have always been a sucker for a secret.
Bored with watching brave horses jumping fences created by less than brave businessmen only interested in maximising there £1. and the fact that the greed was coming from Lords and Earls, surprise surprise. so I wasn’t exactly shocked to hear that The House of Sefton, were dishonest.

What I will never stand for is being taken for a prat. Now in my 78th year, I am wide enough to know when I have been conned. and the saying “if John steals off Billy, shame on John, if John steals off Billy again shame on Billy.”

Late last night I spent, 3 hours seeking a simple image of a young lady, the very same young lady that the Gardner, demanded my interest. almost 50 years ago.

Using my wonderful Google service, even though it was 4.30 I logged in.
“Lady Rose Mary Molyneux, 1870/1905 Image”.

I must have looked at 500 young faces, dressed in attire from the appropriate years and although I saw her sisters, image,Lady Gertrude Eleanor (1868–1937) not once was the beautiful Rose in view, I didn’t expect to see her gazing from an attic window, whimpering like a dying dog. shouting for help. But to have not one image from a young girl who had run Abberstied Shooting Lodge for 15 years, and entertained the Prince of Wales on his many visits
National Week. stinks to high heaven. and if her Images have been removed it was for a reason.

What I didn’t expect was a conspiracy of silence, by all those concerned in Lady Roses well being. I cant believe that Liverpool Council. would be concerned with hiding black secrets from 1900.
Even the Molyneux tribe must think that 100 years is long enough to keep a secret from the general public.

I need help. my left eye has gone completely with some degenerative complaint, however one eye will have to do, if I accept that my third one from the back of my head, is still active. .
I intend to seek out the truth, on behalf of that old gardner. by hook or crook.

Any one interested in unlocking the Crime of the Century,

“Who Murdered Mull” will be rewarded, one day by history itself.
If a University like Keele is interested in unlocking. these Murders I will attend a Debate on the important subject even if we spend an evening in the Croxteth Hall attic to see if we can gain a little help from those involved in these gruesome murders,
For not only Charles and Rose.were murdered but a young maid given the duty of looking after Charles, was raped and the child she was carrying was also lost to history. 4 deaths during a 3 year spell.
Who did it, comes into play when you consider that Charles 5th Lord Sefton, had been granted £Billions, by his fathers Will.

There were at least 10 Molyneux’s with a vested interest in seeing Charles dead, and the two who knew what was going on were sister Rose and Tina a 18 year old maid.

Maids even with impending child were 10 a penny, during Victoria’s reign.

But Rose was a Molyneux through and through, as the Lord Seftons 4th favorite Daughter, but her Mother was a different cuttle of fish, her favourite was Osbert, and after her husband the Lord died, she believed that she held the calling cards.

With the amount of money involved even Lindsey one of the cleverest law lords in the land, in tow not forgetting two Harley Street Specialist Advisors, on the laws appertaining to the mentally unstable.

Help if you can. well I have found her. http://www.cofekirkby.co.uk/rosalindlloydspages/images/b8.jpg


Honest (Tom)

February 16th, 2015

The one thing that has never been taught, is the actual truth of what a real Bookmaker is,
Firstly a factual statement is that “The profit in Bookmaking is in the trading”

I will explain by following the life of Billy Hill, not the William who made his money by being the first Biggie, in the 30s/40s during the Anti Post area, when any one who knew the guaranteed runners, or better still the guaranteed non runner, was in the pound seats, as against The Back Seat. (Being in the £ seat meaning the very best)
With information like this being withheld from the industry, and the general public, was liken to breading you very own Golden Geese.
He was also Nothing to do with the Billy Hill, partner of Jack Spot,
This was William Charles Hill Known as “Billy” the foremost perpetrators of organised crime in London from the 1920s through to the 1960s. a protection racketeer and vicious criminal who saw the potential, in a clever scam, of conning London High Society of millions, by partnering the owner of the Clermont Club. John Victor Aspinall.
*The real BILLY HILL was actually a man called Thomas Garrett. walsall born, commenced as a racecourse front man, whose function was to inform of the importance of betting moves before they happened.

Born in 1890 he was self educated in the devices of life, other than the 3 Rs, that would come automatically from living over time.

He was the person who made the statement that was popular during the early 1900s,

“It is never a Sin to be Skint, but is certainly a massive Sin to ever Look It.”

Tommy was a great dresser, arguably the best, in a period when to be a Bookmaker under dressed was like Fred Astaire playing the part of a tramp. .lihttp://2.bp.blogspot.com/_c7F8PuiXxEg/Sz93tSAfsYI/AAAAAAAAB9E/L9w8jNI4gh0/s320/AstaireTophat200.jpg

Tommys great break through was during a drinking session with car dealer, in the 1930s, the dealer had a prime site on the stratford road, just a short distance from Shirley Poneys, a very popular venue for racing with Ponies as against horses.

The land now occupied by Shirley Golf Club had been used for many years as a racecourse known to have taken place at Shirley since the turn of the century.
A lease was granted to Frederick Gowing, a builder of Balsall Heath, for a term of 15 years from 1901,to operate a racecourse, provided that he did not lose his licence. This lease was signed in 1902, and inferred that racing had been taking place before this date.
Before the first World War, the Headmaster of a school near to the Stratford Road in Shirley, reported that on race days, a number of his pupils were absent from school, whilst also warning his charges and others about the dangers from the greatly increased traffic going to the Racecourse

Racing at Shirley was very popular. A programme dated Monday 7th March 1938, shows that there were 6 races during the afternoon between 2.15
p.m. and 4.45 p.m.

Tom had noticed that right in front of the Car Dealers entrance was a Role Royce in mint condition, obviously a show case promotion.

The Spirit of Ecstasy, was an emblem for success, known as “Emily”, or the “Silver Lady” or “Flying Lady” this was enough for a crowd to gather majority of racegoers and on race days.

Tommy quickly created a great friendship with the owner, asking him if he could use the car, to travel to the race courses where he would park it in the most appropriate area, and in so doing promote his business right in front of the real Rolls Royce clientele.
With a guarantee that the car would be returned back to the forecourt, in the same state that it was in the morning.

The dealer saw it as a great promotion, He had business cards, so beautiful produced that every one wanted one.the plan was to gain custom from the wealthy racegoers, who wished to own a Roll’s for the first time or an upgrade. if they already had one.
Over a decade Tom must have built a tremendous business for the classical market.

But most of all was for the Bookmakers racecourse trade, were from a small trader in the 20s he was one of the most respected in the midlands, during the war years. 1930 to 1950s.

When I met Tommy for the first time he was in his 70s, and still dressed like Harry Selfridge.
I once asked him, the history of his tie pin, at least 3 carrott. pure white, diamond, his ties always Silk.the same as his socks. he said I will wear the tie pin in my Coffin.

He once said, that after a welcher was caught running away at Woore Hunt, it was worth a fortune for Tommy, after every welcher his turnover increased 20%.
It had become a racing call. especially in the midlands.

“I always bet with Mr Rolls” My money is safe with him”

But to watch Tommy trade was to watch, a great racehorse trial.

Before racing Tom would check all his staff, to see that there shoes were clean, and if his apprentice tick tack, arrived in a suit not of the very best quality he always had a spare over coat, to cover their discrepancies.

A friend of William Hills and Jack Wolfe, having lived in Summer lane, as well as Small Heath, during the Peeky Blinders. Tommy was like a god,
Every move that they knew about, was always passed on to Tommy Garrett,
For they knew that his knowledge was worth money to them for Tommy would do all his trading vast, with them. in return.

He had a knack of always knowing which way the market would go. I don’t ever remember a big priced horse that moved in from 50 to 10, not already, on his race card as a W. or P.

To see his clerking book were all the favorites, that collapsed in price it would be clear that Tom had taken the price before it collapsed,

Meaning that he had traded at evens, a horse that started 2/1.
He was such an Icon that all the Top Tick Tacs from the Lloyds, Frankie Powell. and Phillip my father, offered him, his own twist card, so that moves, relayed as KO (Knock Over) were not always kosha some would move in from 2/1 to 7/4 other ones were a complete crash, all prices, taken. it was this discrepancy that only a few knew, Tommy was one of them.

Watching the Mr Selfridge, saga, the film directors, should have watched the last few years of T.G. Life.
For even when he was approaching his 90s, the cloths that he had worn in the 1940s looked the same when he died.
It wasn’t the style but the quality of the cloth, that made them non perishable

I cant wait to see Harry Selfridge, standing outside the Famous Stores Windows counting his pennies, and being charged with vagrancy, when only 6 years before he was photographed at Newmarket with his daughter.a Princess. http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2012/09/29/article-2210421-00BA653D00000259-537_634×601.jpg
So like Tommy or Harry, they were pure class what ever they did, and in the case of Billy Hill (Tommy Garrett) there was never a policeman, stupid enough, to miss judge a King for a Pauper.


A New Beginning.

February 3rd, 2015

After the loss of my blog for 31 days I have decided on a new policy.
I will still write from the hip, and they will be stories of my 70 years in the racing game.
I will still discuss my pet concerns like Gambling Addiction, and the disgraceful racing fields
For those who can control there Racing Hobby, I will offer many tips. that will increase, your ability to keep your head above the curve,

In stead of 100s of Spam, written daily in comment, gaining advert space, they will be cleared out but please dont be disappointed, for you will still be able to read, the tales from above the turf, and a few from below.

My first discussion will run from now until; the Cheltenham, Festival, were any one who will be attending, I will advise on having fun seeking out a very big priced winners.

My first story will be “Blood Sport”. and will consider the mystery, between the day that William Lynn’s partner The 2nd Earl Sefron, sat on his death bed, explaining to his stupid Son the 3rd earl. how he and Lord Derby could short change the lovely innocent, wine waiter.

Charles Cavendish Fulke Greville sums up the the villainous character, that William Lynn was against,

“He was absolutely devoid of religious belief or opinions, but he left to all others the unquestioned liberty of rendering that homage to religion from which he gave himself a plenary dispensation. His general conduct was stained with no gross immorality, and as he was placed far above the necessity of committing dishonourable actions, his mind was habitually imbued with principles of integrity. They sat, however, lightly and easily upon him as regarded the conduct of others, not so much from indifference as from indulgence in those particular cases where a rigid and severe application of high principle would have interfered with his own convenience or enjoyment”.

Out of his depth Lynn called it a day, and sets in motion. a period that to this day, Ancestry fail to get the Blood out of there silk cuffs,

In a Grand National scheme, I will add several National. Legends and clear out many who gained recognition, falsely,for example “Foinavon” should not be in a Legend category, .
“famous and admired, because of their ability in a particular area”
Stretching it somewhat however we will find him a plaque at the 23rd fence, but Legend I think not.

Good Night, all my friends and look forward to answering any question in the comment page.


Life After ?

January 7th, 2015

When you start to reach your 4 score, with no ands and buts, you tend to reminisce about many Life After and wonderful people that you met along the way, quite a few who were cut short from there own expectation 3 score and 10.
If so I would hope that it will not take as long to see one of my hero,s as it does to get a fly out of my only workable eye.in my local A@E.

In a sort of tongue in cheek way, I used to hope and pray that there were some sort of get together party when you arrive, even if only whilst being sorted into a final grading system. Up or Down

I hope of course I will see a bold “Sporting” Heading so I can make a self recognition. after all I would hate to be next to my old school teacher. In an Old Boys Network, (Education) que
Mr Vaughan, had every thing going for him, for if you ever wanted a frightener, Vaughny was perfect. a copy cat of a German Third Reich leader, he even had his hair trimmed to show the mussels in the back of his head, but all I would want would be a few seconds to ask him what enjoyment he got out of beating my back side to pulp just because I spilt a pot of ink.

A problem I would expect would be security. the saying that you cant take it with you refers to cash I guess, and there is no way that William Hill or Barney Curley would arrive without plenty of reddies.in fact If Fred Done of Betfred can be out manouvered with his bonus 4, by Barney then some one like God, perhaps a little more gullable may have to change the Cash Intake Policy, on all there Heavenly airports.

Except for my own family of loved one,s. there is a Hero that will have to be sorted out promptly
I hope that it will be bit like Disney World and you can visit any of the greats that have shaped your future in some way on the internet.
When a teenager I always had a great regard for Rocco Francis Marchegiano; the greatest Boxer ever. I could go and see him without taking any of the Kids with me,

However after that I will definitely go on my own to see. an Athlete John Aki Bua, I could with just one stone, carry out two wishes for they are from 1971,Plus, and were one of my greatest hero in one case and a bastard in the other.

I will readily take the hand of John, (3 December 1949 – 20 June 1997) bow and scrape, in the most humble fashion. for it was pure fate that after reading about this athlete that my life was changed. for the better.

During the Commonwealth games Edinburgh 1970 I had read about a Ugandan, running the 400 mt Hurdle with shoes borrowed from some giant of a shot putter, who felt sorry for him. no laces and twice as big as required. and although I am sure it was a exaggeration. it still stuck in my mind, just seemed a great tale.

But it was a more reliable quote in the Times, by Cliff Temple, that made me interested, for in my opinion this was the finest judge of Athletics we have had.

” Having watched a Ugandan,at Edinburgh, get every stride pattern wrong and jumping the last two hurdles two footed, it was amazing for him to be only a short distance away from a medal, I expect he will break the world record shortly”

I watched what was ages for any sort betting list for Olympics 1972, Munich, West Germany, in the Midlands we had many great independent Bookmakers at the time one firm who specialised in Athletics

As the summer approached I was getting exited, as I walked in to there shop. I could see a great heading “Prices for the forthcoming Olympics every event quoted”.
I was shaking for I had decided to go for a little touch, I was choked when I had read that John had been the fastest recorded in 1971 but it was at some out of the sticks event many would ignore. I hoped.

First thing I saw on the Bookmakers wall was David Hemery at 4/6 followed by three americans, 4/1 6/1 8/1, 20/1 bar, 4.
I was in a quandary, to ask someone for a price in the Bar, was silly for you are marking the firms card without any offer available.

I just walked back out again hoping that the big firms would advertise in the Sporting Life shortly.
It was so long after that I had forgotten why I was after the price in the first place,
Every Sunday I would read the Cliff Temple Supplement, even he must have forgotten for he never mentioned the 400 Hurdles,
One saturday with about a month before the Games,
Ladbrokes came out with a comprehensive list.

You would not believe it 14/1 bar no mention of Akii Bua by name,
Dashing up the Bristol Road back into the city centre there were scores of shops,

One of which had the Ladbrokes quote cut out a sella taped to the wall.

I had to take a chance 14/1 was a great price, I managed to get £100 Each Way. £50 myself and £50 by a pal who was in the shop and was a regular of the Bookmaker,
After the heats Akii Bua looked confident but his times weren’t great, on Sunday once again the Times produced a feature by Cliff about The Ugandans Couch, and the way that he was attempting to get
his runner to change gear during the last two hurdles, a sort of acceleration. changing stride pattern. during a race never a great thing to do.in my humble oppinion,

No expert but I knew that this could be a disaster unless perfected.
This would mean if he got it wrong never mind a win he wouldn’t even be placed.
On the saturday, I had a few quid but had been saving for a move of Home, still a little short of the deposit. nevertheless I had every confidence in Cliff Temple as well as my own opinion. from what I had seen in the heats.

I had another£100 Each Way at 7.1 in the final. but after he was drawn one in trap one. (lane) on the inside, Believed to be disastrous by both athletes and and Professional backers alike, Hills went 10.
In for a penny in for a £. I emptied the Greyhound Cash Flout, and had £45 on at 10.

The race was was deemed memorable would the British win Gold. for they all had Hemery as a certainty,
As they approached the start, John Akii Bua, looked magnificent, and full of confidence or was that wishful thinking on my part

During the race Betfair if they had been about at the time and betting in running, would have had David Hemery big odds on, for as they approached the strait he was well clear of the Americans with John completely adrift. I wasn’t alarmed for it was the lane difference that caused the frightening site.

It was then as if by magic, Akii Bua changed gear shortening his stride, and accelerating like a 100 meter sprinter. as he jumped that last it appeared that he was too close.
Bosh is the best way I could explain he actually flew it, just like the eagle that he was. setting a world record time of 47.82 seconds.

John Akii-Bua died a widower, at the age of 47, survived by 11 of his children. He was given a state funeral and dont forget he was only a runner.
The county’s master Adi Amin,s Persecution of ethnic and political groups, saw him running away like the coward he was. escaped into exile in Libya and then Saudi Arabia, where he lived until his death on 16 August 2003 .No justice there then.

Never into politics, all I know is that Amin will get a dodgy meat Pie smashed into his face, as soon as I reach his cage.


The winnings allowed me to increase the offer that I had made for a country Cottage brilliantly placed for Greyhound Breeding.


Grand National the Brave.

January 5th, 2015

With 3 months to go, and only Cheltenham to get in the way.

I will do a report on the race to come at least twice a week.

Questions like Who were the Cheltenham Boys.
Was the first few races a contiuation of Blood Sports.
Was Lord Derby,s Cock Pit Popular.
How many horses were killed by the Brick Wall.
Why was The Father of the National killed off before it had started.
Is there evidence of Jockeys running out at the cannel turn and joining the race 3 out.
Who killed the 5th Lord Sefton.
Who was the unluckiest horse in the race,s History (Without the Fav)
What was the final word spoken by George Stevens before he died.
What was the National Horse that was mounted hundreds of times by men, women and children and never once fell.

I will get one of the leading Bookmakers to create a winning prize before National Day.


Nice to be told

January 5th, 2015

etfair Forum “He’s back in town”
Reading most of his postings over the last years. All the early postings he deleted, some he puts only for hours online. If you’r lucky to read most of them, it would give you more about the history of betting than all books together on this planet.
Well done Don Butler!

Poor Gran,

January 5th, 2015

“As a lover of Genealogy for some time, I have held the conviction that this is the most underrated experience available to us all.
It is fine to uncover a list of dates sometimes going back to the War of the Roses, you may even have uncovered a hanging in the family, this had created a great deal of after dinner debate, but in many cases, the discussion lasts as long as poor Tommy could hold his breath,

When I created my own family tree I happily to have commenced half through the Queen Victoria reign.
But even then all I had were dates.
When my time on this wonderful earth of ours is over, what will I be leaving for my youngest,grand kids,

At least when I was a child it was my grandfather who hinted that he had placed two empty tins of Golden Syrup Treacle, 10 feet to the left and 9 from the right, and 10 ft deep. he even drew a map no worse than one described by old pirate,s with a sense of humour, even the apple tree was marked with a skull and cross bones. taking centre stage in the garden.
Doing a estimate of how much in old white fivers, could be hidden in a similar tin and came up with
£10,000 multiply x 2 and my mouth watered even today.

The problem was that the house was now owned by a Quaker.,

Unbeknown to me or my brother this was a family joke, that they had planed during the war, and expected at some time one of us Kids would dig this part of the garden, a texture loke solid clay, that even an out of work gardener who we invited to assist had refused the dig,

When the family finance took a downward turn, in 1951. and we had to sell our wonderful home I once asked my Grandfather why my Dad hadn’t dug the garden up. to retrieve the two tins. before selling the house,
Even though he had only weeks to live my question shortened the date by over 50% as he started to laugh and never stopped until the Caretaker carried out his skillful duty.
His loved one,s could never understand the smile he had on his face, not seen after the battle of Loos a gas assault took place but the shifting winds caused their own troops to suffer, with more British affected than Germans. Albert was one of the lucky one and I was the only person who could make him laugh,

As I look in the Family Album today, all I see is Albert Russell Born 1877 Birmingham Warks,married to Jane Jones known as Jennie.
What sort of Genealogy is that, ?
It is missing the important ingredients mostly pictorial. but certainly the word “What did he like, what were his hobbies, and loves, If I place Elvis on Google I even know what he had for breakfast on his final day.

You may say “Yes but that was The King” OK but except for a few songs that I enjoyed he was no more than a king in my mothers household. than my grandad Albert.
whilst he lived he was God.

This is the reason I started to improve on my family tale, to save the kids from the expense,

Personally I didn’t wish to go back further than 1850
The first fill in, will be my Grand Mother on my Fathers side Pictures I have none although I intend to colour in a life that I find was memorable of not for general consumption but certainly for me.

“Forgive me Gan,
but only 50 year late.”

All I know about my Gran is that she was born on January 1860. to a father George Hume and a mother Jane.
The family were from Portsmouth which was a army camp.
It appears that mother was a great believer in after life and even took her 10 year old daughter Charlotte to see a cousin Solly. for advice in what path the girl should take, with of course there parents support.
Solly took one look at the girl and advised Pole Vaulting. a new Olympic event, when asked why by Jane her brother without pulling a face joked have you seen the length of her legs.
He then settled down to what is called Ball Gazing.

What do you have in mind Charlotte a prime way of showing he hadn’t got a clue.
“I like sowing,” This means that if you do bad things to people, bad things will happen to you, or good things if you do good things. It is normally used when someone has done something bad. that’s enough to put any girl onto the wring path.

Jane smiled happy with the sermon. pleased that George her husband wasn’t present for he was a very hard task master. and a non believer.

I remember speaking to you at a dinner party Charlotte I told my wife that you had the making of a comedian . stared the doom maker.
I don’t know if the science was a success or not for during the next 5 years his name Solly was no longer mentioned as a family friend.

George had been teaching his favorite daughter the importance of mending and sowing.
for although he had become a printer by trade whilst in the Army he had worked in the
Portsmouth, Garrison, of the Black Watch.
It must have been his love of clothing that shaped Charlotte towards . (Knitting & Sewing) claiming that a woman who sews and makes clothes,professionally will never starve.

One day he spent a great deal of his time showing the Black Watch tweeds that he had worn on more than one battle,
Perhaps a 7 year old was gullible to an over bearing father but from then on there was nothing the girl could not complete, once started making a garment from nothing to a cloth of gold. .

One day at Pimlico she saw a mother sitting in the snow, with a young child no older than 10 year. Chas a student saw the mothers clothing were tattered and worn but the girl had reached a dangerous stage of Hypothermia,
“Madam can I give you some advice, your daughter has a coat with a hole in it, the hole is across the girls chest yet the ripped coat has a piece of cloth hanging from the base, that will be keeping her one leg warm from her knee down.
It would take me 5 minutes to cut that bit off and mend the coat to look reasonable and keep the girl warm.

The girl was past any congratulation stage Charlotte sent the pair to stand in the School entrance, with her own heavy coat over the girls shoulders,
In 4 minutes she had used a pair of scissors borrowed from a market stall holder and stitched two feet by two feet of surplus cloth into the hole you couldn’t the coat had been mended.

The result a cheer from the market, grafters.
When home she didn’t have to tell her father what she had done for Rose the home help was already quick to respond
Her father without heaping praise, went into a debate how successful an apprenticeship as a seamstress, would certainly be a success,
“In fact name me any occupation, were the loss of a finger and thumb would mean the loss of your work”

Charlotte was getting stuck into her mothers stew. by the time she had taken just one spoonful. She said.

a Pickpocket.
a Pianist
and my friend Peter who permanently picks his noes..

Father looked towards the ceiling and smiled, for that was the most you would ever get from him the other siblings old enough to understand the skill that the answer required burst out laughing.

However George had realised that the girl was ready to work for a living.

She began a apprenticeship mending Wigs she hated it from day one and had been given permission by father to ask for the right to escape the apprenticeship clause claiming an unhealthy profession.
What George realised and so did the the Wig maker was that the art was dying ion its feet and helped on by a letter reproduced in the Times, written by Queen Victoria, to her daughter, laughing at the Wig she had worn at a German function.

At last Charlotte received a brilliant offer from a leading hotel mending garments for there clients. because it was a quality hotel, and the goods were of the very best quality there was very little that she couldn’t mend.

Thing,s were on the upper at Islington, she had shown the attributes Silly had seen through his cheap Crystal ball. “Happy Girl loved by all. entertainment a possibility”.

If what happened next had been shown to Solly, not only would he have stated “I told you So” the family would have disowned him.

Father George would have planned a different course and ignored the small fortune that he was about to make. for a occupation on the stage for even a star, was Sacrilege.

A Lithographic Printer, with an apprentice in house was a great success. certainly for an ex soldier.
Morton was father of the Music Hall revolution. the Canterbury Hall he was his great asset and shrewd enough to know that the comic singers brought in the crowds. the first to offer sheet music for the clients of all class’s to join in singing along.in fact during this period a vast proportion of songs and music were adapted to make the sing along the most crucial part of the entertainment

1884 on January 5th Charlotte Hume a 17 year old trainee seamstress is looking in her mirror, and searching for her small wish box, if she closes her eye’s she can see the previous nights rendition of “The Boys in the Gallery” a song that she can not get out of her head.

She just cant stop herself singing along in the same way that the star of the show had last night. the words were magical then and the same now, .

“I’m a young girl, and have just come over,
Over from the country where they do things big,
And amongst the boys I’ve got a lover,
And since I’ve got a lover, why I don’t care a fig.

“The boy I love is up in the gallery,
The boy I love is looking now at me,
There he is, can’t you see, waving his handkerchief,
As merry as a robin that sings on a tree”

What ever room there is in her thoughts it has now been much reduces by this music sheet. .

The call from the family house maid Rose shakes her to attention, “Come along miss you will be late.”
As soon as she walked into the kitchen, her father George was glowing with excitement,

“Was the Hall full again last night Chas.
“Yes father, we could have sold another 50.”

This contract by Morton was a great success, a pity that the Shrewed Morton had introduce a clause if George Hume did sheets for other Halls without this clause the Hume’s would have been £millonnares,

Charlotte was almost breathless, all she had to do was walk down the families steep stairs, but her mind was awash with last nights entertainment.
Her father the Lithographic printer had been in at an early stage printing cheap sheet music, for the boom that had hit the country.

The young girl had literally run all over the place making sure that all the Hall’s customers, had a music sheet that they could join in the singing with shows stars.
What no one had remembered in the Hume household was the other thing that Solly had offered as a Charlotte rout to fame and that didn’t include Seamstress
But all Charlotte could remember was that on three occasions the sound of the “Boy in the Gallery,” and the words seemed to be just a song but not for her, the girls thoughts and dreams.had been increased massively. for although she loved her work in the garment industry, it was music that she idolized.

“We will need to be early tonight father”

George smiled, his daughter was indeed a great asset not only in the garment industry ,she was a help with his sheet music,

The Hume household were not usual.in fact they were well off, and even if they were one of just a small % of Victorians, happy content with there lot, they were hard working and still sleeked improvement,
Like many a young child, of there time in the middle class,s Charlotte was loved and protected. In her case she already had a bright future, her father loved her even though he had a bad way of showing it on many occasion.

But as last night had shown, this girl was a budding star, a shame that there had been none of her loved ones to have witnessed the event, she had joined in from the back of the stalls, and shown to anyone present, she could sing in fact her voice was exceptional unlike many a Music Hall performer, all it was in the majority of cases, was personality and this teenager oozed that in abundance. Last night the girl had arrived on time with the 500 sheet music printed hot off the press, so to speak, every song to be sung, were clearly printed like Hymns in a Church,

The Music Hall manager happy with the service, had allowed the girl to take a position at the back of the stalls. to watch the show for free,
But it was her timing, that made the evening such a success, on stage they had the great stars and for those in the cheaper seats, would be egged on by this young girl those who didn’t know the procedure they would quite often ask her for an autograph.thinking she was part of the show.

Before the end of the entertainment Charlie would run home non stop. out of the dangers that a Victorian age created. usually her timing would be perfect and she would be home by 9.0

After she was home she would pop in to keep her father abreast with the success, of his enterprise and and comments made by the manager. there was no doubt opportunities that come when least expected it was fate and the success of the family business that had opened up a new world Charlie had only dreamed of, carrying out her function as a seamstress was now a a detraction, but only after 5.0 before then life was one rehearsal every new song that her father was given to print up for a show, the girl had learned it off by heart within hours.

Any one working at the Hotel had known for ages that they had a star in the making, for at every moment of the day she sang. if not she would be making the other seamstresses laugh.

Star,s on stage were enormously popular most of which were talking not singing a sort of a musical comedy the market for new songs unabated, an outsider who watched from afar could clearly witness the
a Star.
But like all great plans, nothing ever goes smoothly but no one would have expected such a disaster that was about to strike.
George who would sometimes work into the late hours, happy that every one was safe in bed
This one evening George had a premonition, fed up of hearing from many friends, acquaintances and even relations,
“If I was you George I would be careful letting your Charlotte out alone dies she go past the “Devil’s Mile,” on her trip home”?

George was no fool he knew the dangers that existed late at night after hours, Charlotte had been told that once the Sheets had been delivered she must be home at once.

For most of the time he had seen his tall beauty, striding along like a marathon runner, no later than 8.0
But when he had read this newspaper feature in the times called “Dirty Old London”, it played on his mind resulting in a more protectionist approach. what with Jack the Tipper not yet caught.

One evening his concern increased to a phobia, He began to shake, he immediately got changed into his more sturdy shoes and overcoat, and began to walk, on a 30 min trip, The Canterbury Music Hall was pure class.

Why this particular night he was never able to give an answer, This Music Hall had been much improved, by Charles Morton the owner, a Hackney boy who had made it big, this would be no slum. even if surrounding areas may have been a little dodgy late at night.

Walking at a great pace the ex soldier arrived a little perturbed not having seen his daughter on his trip.he had though that he would have done so,
The theater was full and he was surprised to hear the noise and rowdiness from the pits, he could also see many people drinking whilst the show was in full flow.

He was to be shocked even further when high above the sound of those on stage he could hear the clear voice of his daughter, joining in the chorus.

“Charlotte Charlotte” his own firm voice shaped by years as a Sergeant Major, was drowned completely, it was only when he was in touching distance, that his daughter recognised him.

FATHER , Charlotte was nothing but shrewd and she new that she was in serious trouble.
The brisk walk back home between 8,30 and 9.0 was frightening on both sides, fortunately for the girl non of the debauchery and danger that the newspaper story had depicted, took place, what her father had read about would be much later however George had been deceived, and someone would suffer.

As for Charlotte’s dream,s they were about to be shattered, it was this moment that all her dreams, had ended.killed off even before there birth

Chapter 2. Banned from her Home. but Charlotte finds her Boy.