Golden Balls

December 19th, 2014

The other night I invited an old friend if mine from the 50s, William,he was an original carpet king, selling indian carets with less than a 1/8 th inch pile at auction.
He gave up working for himself after he met Harold Plotnek,the Birmingham Carpet King, and he became a Harold ace salesman, were the commision was brilliant.

After the main course of Beef Wellington a good beef fillet (Aberdeen Angus)–1079534_10.jpg

We discussed the death of my pal Don Ruben who tried to mimic Manuel Fangio in his E.Type Jag, hitting a conker tree 10 ft in the air. RIP Kid.
Still on his sweet, of Bread and Butter Pudding, I told him about one evening when I was sitting next to Donald at Rainbow Casino on the Chemmie Table it was the biggest game for ages every big hitter around was at that table table that night.

I had managed to get a seat behind Don Rubin, the croupier did not usually allow this, however as he was my future Brother in Law, he was a little lenient. on the two side’s of Don was Harry Plotnek and Jack Evans (Car Dealer) opposite was Mucklow a giant in the building trade. I had never seen as many chips until Harry Ramsden arrived in the midlands during the 80s,

It was on a thursday I remember it well for although I was getting £30 a week working in a Selly Oak illegal betting shop, I was reliant on Donald to finance, the party we had organised for later. as the game progressed Evans and Plotnek were at the knock out with each other, dictating the play no one else could get a look in.
All of a sudden there was a plopping noise, I definitely heard it although at that very moment Evans was about to do a 6 timer, and the table was full of side bets. what ever it as no one else reacted.

I looked between my legs and it appeared that I was in a Hippodrome Pantomime perhaps Cinderella for my black italian left shoe had turned to green and gold.

I looked into Harold’s eyes, they were blank more concerned with his involvement having challenged the Henley in Arden car King, I looked the other side and Jacks smile was as wide as Bristol Road was long. he certainly wasn’t interested in any £100 loose chip that may have been his.

I sat as stiff as a board who should I front, to claim the 6 inch by 4, Golden Chip I knew that both would claim it, .

Fortunately for me 6 was the end of Jacks run, Plotnek was placing his pot in little blocks like Carpet Shops, in the UK high streets. even done had missed it, the ball was in my corner, what I should have done and did do failed to live up to the way I had been taught, sorry to say I put my size 7 shoe on top of it. spending the next 30 minutes shaking.

William had a smile on his face similar to Jacks had been before the end of his Run.
This informed how much he disliked his Carpet Job.

We then went on to discuss his Gambling Addiction that I had known about for many years, but he still denied. My wife and I had always felt sorry for him, for he was absolute gent,

“Do you remember when we last spoke about Roulette”.

“Yes you asked me how I could get you off your addiction”
“And what did I tell you to do”.?

“To Waite until the wheel was spinning and then having picked up the salad bowl from the restaurant. empty it on the wheel and duck.

“Why did you say Duck.?”
“Well you didn’t want to ruin your suit did you.

“What happened i’ve forgotten after all these years.”.

“The manager just grunted had 3 people clean up and carried on playing and never mentioned anything to me”

It was my turn to laugh I almost swallowed my bottom part denture. having now realised actually how much he must have lost per year. for the manager to ignore such a incident.

“Yes I also remember teaching you to card count, don’t tell me you still donate money on a regular basis.”

“Card counting was just a boring thing, to do, Who was it who taught you. “?

“As you know I hate repeating something that I was told in secrecy. even if it was 40 years ago and the person who taught me has been dead for 25 years.
“Well he probably forgot it by now,
“Yes but I will probably be seeing him shortly”

Another bust of laughter,
“Go on tell me it all again, how do I win at Roulette”
“You said it was called the 5 minute smash and grab why 5 minutes.?”

“Ok but try and remember it this time. When I was betting at the races, in the late 70s, I used to drop in to ViceRoy Close on the Bristol Road, every other week, and have a coffee with Jack Woolf, one of the original Woolf Gang, along with his brother Solly, William Hill. and Tommy Turner. they made up the Birmingham Boys.”
This was during the early 1920s all of them finished up great Bookmakers, although these were the real team.unlike Thomas Shelby and his team. bothering themselves with Home Rule problems.

Jack would tell me about his time as a milkmans helper holding the horse whilst the Milkman delivered the a big tall silver container.
“One day in the freezing cold he loosed the reins and the horse bolted”.

That was the only time he worked for someone.

Jack with Solly who was a good form student of racing, formed an alliance with William Hill that remained all there lives.

It was Jack’s Dad or uncle not sure who got William Hills pitches back after a default at Wolverhampton. in fact this relationship can be seen in the many racecourse pitch note books that showed William number 6 in all the Midland Rails lists and Jack number 7.

“What did he tell you about his Casino The Wheel Club” in partnership with Bill Cutler.”

“Don’t mention William Cutler ,in 60 years I had a hit list of only 3 people and Cutler was number one In all my life I never met such a flash arrogant individual”.

“As for Jack the Gentleman, he always liked me I don’t know why, he had come from low down in any great expectation, but once on the Bookmaking Ladder, he was off and running, but had a lotto type advancement when he went to Worcester one day and received a phone call through the Blower, asking him to phone William Hill.”

“The conversation I guess must have followed these lines”

“Jack Dorothy has been rerouted to Worcester from Hurst Park, I had been told that she had 5 runners 3 at Hurst Park and 2 at Worcester but they have changed there mind,”

“She has no Bookmaker she can trust, in the Midlands when I am not there,”
Bill was never short of a little arrogance himself”
“I have told her secretary that you will handle all her business, for her,”
“Give her what she wants and just put her bets on top of the Joe Rook (Book) we can settle tomorrow at Leicester. ”

“Jack never told me what happened but his betting style jumped from the Championship to the Premier League. after this opportunity and by tye way she never had a winner all day”.

“I remember asking Jack about the great horse Tudor Minstrel. the 2000 gns winner in 1947. The talk in the village was that Billy had gone bottom up. taking any bet he could against Tudor Minstrel winning, the Derby and his old friends, from the Midlands followed suit including Jack.

Bets as high as 7/1 to 9/2 had been offered at Newmarket guineas day even though every one there that day wanted to back him for the Derby, that was all except William,

It was after the big race when it became clear what had happened,
A letter sent by Tudor Minstrels trainer Fred Darling to The King informing him that Blue Gown had been scratched.
Every one in the stable were were sworn to secrecy,
All though Blue Gown was a fair horse his actual form in 2 trails had been suppressed. it appeared that only William, Gordon Richards and Fred Darling new the truth. he was a much better horse than Tudor Minstrel.

This was the ace in the hole that William had up his sleeve,

What better ace could a Bookmaker have when every one in the land wanted to take evens Tudor Minstrel. whilst William knew that there was a better horse about to be declared, a runner.

“My father Phil who was the midlands Top Tick Tac at Epsom never took his eyes of the William hill team, during the betting but at odds in there was not much William could have done other than pray.
And I can repeat what he told me.

“It may never be known by any outsiders, how much William stood the Minstrel for but what ever it was he never cracked his face before during or after the race,
So the rumours about what would happen if the favourite had won was just hearsay and created by jealous competition of which there was plenty”
“As for Jack I got the same response that I did after my Dorothy Pager, enquiry.when I asked him what he had done in the race”

“Do you want another Coffee Son”

“Tell me what he told you about Casino Gambling. that all I am interested in, we cant do much about the Tudor Minstel Derby now can we”,

More Laughter.
Well it must have been December 1961 I was in the Ambassadors very late when sitting at a table was 5 midland Bookmakers
Jack Woolf, Geoff and Wilf Gilbert Bill Cutler, and Bill Moist, every one new that the Laws on Betting Shops was imminent I guess although I would have been welcomed to joined them, and I hadn’t had my confrontation with Cutler at the time I decided to join a table with one silver ring Bookmaker all on his own, I also knew that he was very ill, and having lost my mother a few years before I was sympathetic .to his plight.

“You are not going to tell me the secret of making Roulette pay are you?”

“Why should I you will only forget what I told you as soon as that little ball starts to spin”

2nd Chapter Shortly



December 17th, 2014

The more I examine the Sport of Kings, the more secrets I find,
In fact I thought Free Masons were secretive. but nothing compares with The Jockey Club. 1750 to today. The original Committee of the “Club” were racing enthusiasts, were did it say they would take over the sport. how it was run and mostly the revenue gained.

Between 1750 and 1758 They organised a weighing in system in 1760 racing colours were registered at Newmarket,
1768 Charlie Banbury was elected perpetual president.the first of three Dictators of the Turf.

1790 a Handicap of 14 runners took place at Newmarket.

Dictator not the best of titles you may for Lord Bentinck his trickery even shocked me, I suppose the admiral would be number 3.
At least if the Druids Lodge cheats had been about during The Sailors watch the handicapper would have said, You have two options, either I increase Ypsilanti by 14 lb or send me an anti post voucher
£25 Each-way at 25/1.

A question I have always wished to ask, someone at the Jockey club is how could a illiterate Fishmonger take over the vast majority gambling on horses defying all the statutory rules that existed, and with the money he gained he set up a mathematical game called Hazard that not one Etonian has ever mastered, not even Charles james Fox Banbury one of the Schools geniuses. who stated that he loved maths more than anything, so did crocky,

Horse Racing is obviously based upon Secrets, without secrets there would be no excitement.
Not every one would agree but The Sport of Kings is based upon Gambling without the thrill of a gamble the vast majority of brits would soon lose interest, after all there is plenty of other exiting opportunities for there gambling £1. perhaps not so with the £1 Each Way.

As soon as the handicapping system, was created secrecy grew there has always been questions asked about the Game and its Club, but never answered.

Why was the Jockey Club formed, after all it was just another Gentleman’s club with many of Whites members with double the fees.

Questions like who sanctions the Levy Spend. has never been answered
The Jockey Club is now a financial juggernaut, perhap a little late some may say but may I ask a impertinent questions. were do all the profits go.?

I remember asking the same question about NARBOL in the 1980s to no avail.

I would love to ask the same question that Lord Rothschild in the 1980s Royal Commission. asked,
“Who is there to protect us from the protectors,”
How many racecourses, are planning to follow Chester offering there own betting service. fixed odds or may be Tote, I must not forget Betfair.

If every thing is fine and dandy in this sport of ours, let me ask a final question.

* If there is a Drone attack during the running of the Gold Cup.this year that interrupts the running of the race, will there be a rule to abandon all wagers placed anti post, during normal market, fixed odds, or starting price, Tote or Exchange, to include in running wagers with Betfair..

I understand that the BHA would arbitrate after such a calamity, unlike the day at Chester in 1800s when the starter himself concocted a massive stroke were only one runner got away at the start even though the horse that got away alone and won, was owned by
a The Starter who was the following.
b, The Jockey Clubs Chairman,
Was there an enquiry? I am not sure.

Finally I intend to write my first serious Book, simply called The Club. could I be allowed to take a look at a few of the clubs historical documents, don’t forget you could always blame anything on your great great father in laws Snobbery, sneering and secret sniggers: may be a response to my written report. but don’t forget if Crockford could do it then so could I.


Think again Young Man.

December 15th, 2014

For the past 2 months I have been carrying out in depth examination into our racing game.

It is my great concern that a manipulation of Britain’s daily race cards, resulting in abuse if the place markets, resulting in a massive disadvantage to the small place market customers.

Using a quote from a professional better, that the country agree was one of the most experienced gamblers, Alex Bird, in his ten important does and don’ts,

“Dont play Each Way were the odds are 1/5th the odds. this of course would result on the 2014th betters would find it very difficult to find any race to bet Each-way his will result in a ddrop on racecourse turnover, except on festival days

I can remember the exact day that this policy was adapted.

During a meeting between the race horse owners Chairman, (a few year ago) and the Bookmaking industry, the Bookmakers stated that the reason for levy Funding having maxed out was the fact that the British punters having a tremendous value service,

The Owners spokesmen made a fundamental statement

WHY? Should they have such a good service, cant you just charge them more.

The first attack was the 16 runner handicaps, were owing to a competitive 1/4 places being uncompetative with the place odds showing a gauranteed profit margin.

The normal man in the street don’t believe it, although you only have to look at a bonus scheme offered by VC a few ears ago, offering 1/4 the idds places 15 runners,
This became one of Victors most expensive errors.

Just to look at the markets on a mid week day it looks like a greyhound Flap.
This followed by a non competitive SP market, on course, were every Bookmaker follows a computer driven service.

The Bookmakers should reconsider there Levy Agreements, and start again.


A Peeky Blinder yet to be seen

December 11th, 2014

Just so as to give the readers a true reflection of what the 1920s was like in Birmingham, every on course Bookmaker had a minder of his own, Billy Kimber organised a special call a shrill whistle, so that when trouble raised its head, every minder would be called to carry out there secondary job, to duty.
50 could arrive at a pre arranged destination, just to give you a insight into who the minders were
Owen Moran a west midland boxer who was as game as any lion, and would fight for fun,
When it was realized that no one would fight him in England. Owen went to America, and took them all on. and smacked the arse of the vast majority, fight many much to heavy for him, the only problem he had to knock em ount if he wanted the verdict, a points decision would be a loss for the Englishman full of Irish Blood.
Abe Attell, Battling Nelson and Ad Wolgast were all defeated, underestimating the strength of pint-sized Moran, He was also taking the Italian Mafia on,
Owen, had a vicious temper with his and the violence was not confined to the ring. even his friends drinking with him had to be careful not cracking a joke that could be miss interpreted.
In fact he was not a very nice individual. a compulsive drinker who was psychotic.
To pull his leg was risking a challenge to a duel, for the little man from Birmingham would just as soon hit you on the chin as look at you if he thought you were trying to crack a joke at his expense.
No one would frighten Owen the taller the better. many of the popular drinking houses asked Bookmakers who were friends of Owen to drink some were else.
Moran’s five years in the states from 1908 to 1913 – contained more than a few visits to police American police stations for he had a great dislike to any one in uniform. he took particular delight in decking New York cops. more than one at a time.
Because he was so small many strangers to the midlands, fell into the trap. of challenging him, he had many grudges built up as a teenager, and could bump into someone, he hadn’t seen for decades, and before the person had said “Hello Owen”, they would be knocked out cold. after he finished fighting he was perfect for a job as a Bookmakers Minder,
Perfect for a job with Kimber, for his record in the ring included many disqualification Tommy McCarthy died of injuries sustained a bout of 16th rounds.
Meeting Kimber was different he must have been told that Billy was something different, better to be his friend than not.
Moran was unlucky on 1908 not to lift the world featherweight title from Abe Attell, failing to knock him, out, drawing both fights, over 23 and 25 rounds a draw meant the American kept the title.
His greatest fight came on November 26, 1910, when he ko.d former world lightweight champ Battling Nelson,the Durable Dane because of his iron chin, Owen finished the fight in round 11, when he poleaxed his opponent. with a right hook, he never saw coming.
It was his fight with Wolgast who was as Owen, .in the 13 round he was hit between his knee’s so low that even his foe.s cried fowl. but never recovered.
He continued to ply his trade until 1916, but had lost much of his viciousness, He hung-up his gloves for good after being disqualified for head butting Billy Marchant.
For several years he allowed Spud Murphy a well known Birmingham Bookmaker to use his name on his board, for every one loved how game he was so the name was great publicity, but Murphy didn’t allow him to stand right by his board for it was certain that he would have downed any winning client. just for backing a winner.
He died in March 1949, in Whitechapel. a pauper,
His place among Birmingham’s sporting history, may have been forgotten, but no one ever ignored OM, they never took him on, with or without Guns.
Thursdays Peeky Blinder 3. will I hope contain, sight of Owen and Eli Bradley the Coventry Centre half, who at 6 ft 3, was betting at Cheltenham during the period. and one of the few Bookmakers who didn’t require a minder.
I just hope that the Producers have spent a little time on the truth, and less on what they think the public will enjoy.

Celebrities in Glasshouses Mark 2.

December 11th, 2014

During the early 20th Century. The irrepressible and resilient Robert Siever,
was the defendant in Rex v Siever, The case revolved around a feature in Sievier.s weekly Wining Post,

The story was headed Celebrities in Glasshouses.
having read the case study I have decided that all of the important characters in horse racing should come under the spot light. yet again.
The reason being that many of the Historians, writing of the period have lacked a great deal of imagination, or professionalism. leaving the statements, to become as fact, when in my humble opinion in many cases, they require regurgitation. for the truth.

1. Who do you think you were. history of Solly.

2. In a small way. I have already given my opinion regarding the theft of The Grand National. by a small party of Aristocrats, all members of the Jockey Club, Lord Sefton and Lord Derby.v William Lynn.

3. A further case against The House of Sefton involving the death of Rose and her brother Charles Molyneux, 5th Earl of Sefton, will contain the latest forensic examination.

4. The truth of the Druids Lodge Syndicate, and the 6th Member. will rewrite this very important period in Great Britain,s Horse-Racing History

5. The Jockey Clubs Role in the 1895 to 1905 American Invasion. or lack of it.

6. The untold evidence behind Gay Future.

7. William Hill and Tudor Minstrel.1947.The untold vision.

8. The Cheltenham Boys, (The True Path)

9. Billy Kimber Warts and All.

10. The Born Again Genius Richard Croker. following the Master William Crockford. only day between ones death and the others Birth)

11. The last of the Gambling Plantagenets. “Harry”

12. Horatio Bottomley The conners conman.

All these stories, and many more will entertain as well as shock.

First one shortly.



December 5th, 2014

There is no doubt my left eye will not recover I have had three scans, to no avail. my right eye has developed a cataract. the instructions are that if it gets any worse my Ophthalmologist wishes to be informed.

I poured myself a sherry and just closed both within a few seconds I began to remember many of the great times the family have had, mostly in the Canaries were we spent every February and the first week if march, ready for the Cheltenham Festival.

All of a sudden I began to laugh out loud, “What are you Laughing at ?”

An incidnt had come flowing back were I made a drastic mistake that cost me a Grand and still I laugh,

It occurred at Wolverhampton I was betting on a race being run at Windsor.

6/4 the field it had started to rain, making it inevitable that all punters with any sense would go into the betting shop for cover.

Just before the tick tacl showed The Off at Windsor a plump man black hair about 5 ft 2 inch tall

£80 Win That one ponting to the favourite I called out a £120 to £80 ticket number 199. Grey Bear.

Thank you.

It was only a 5 furlong race so I walked towards the Shop to see the result.

Nit even a chance to get exited for the favorite win by a proverbial distance. well at least until 100 yards to go when one of the outsiders appeared from no were making it a photo finish, being a good judge of photo finishes I strolled back to the joint, to get the punters £200 for him there no doubt that
Grey Bear was the winner.

As the tick tack showed the winner number 1. at 6/4 he followed it with an objection,

I still carried on getting the men’s winnings, of £120 plus his £80 stake, Total of £200.

At that moment up came the winning punter.

Not yet sir there is an enquiry, to the winner. by the second.
It was then I noticed that the Punter was a china man, approx 5 ft 2 inch a little over weight and black straight hair.

“Whot y mean Inquio my hors he win vely eay.

“Yes sire you are correct it did win easy but we have to rely on the Stewards to conform that there was no Hanky Panky in running”

“W ya mean Hanky Panky”

During the next 15 minutes he must have come up 10 times, demanding his winnings.

It had started to rain incessantly when all of a sudden I noticed the winning client. in a loud voice, I called the china man, to come and collect his winnings.

“here you are I told you not to get uptight. there was no Hanky Panky after all.

He seemed shocked and never uttered a word. leaving all the conversation to me.

“You get about 1 in a thousand were the second get the race.”

He seemed dumbfounded, and certainly speechless. as it was the last race I told the clerk to dismantle the tools

All of a sudden tound the corner came a china man, 5ft 2 inch, black hair and a little plum

“We I get my money” my friends say no Hanky Panky.
I looked in his hand and he had the 199 ticket,

As I stood there frozen not knowing what to do. al least 8 China men, all looking the same came from the restaurant.

For at least 5 minutes went by without me saying a word.

I counted out £200 from my pocket, and paid the winning client, his returns,
I had duped my self, hazving paid £200 to a chinaman, who never even had a bet.


A Red Letter Day. ?????

November 30th, 2014

A red letter day of special significance. however that in my opinion may not be a day UK Bookmakers look forward to.
A day of significance could for British Gamblers be a day of sadness,and remorse.
In 1960s one of Britain’s most successful gamblers, made this profane statement.

“Thats the end of my participation”
Alex Bird was commenting after the Uk Government placed a turnover tax on british racecourse gambling.
Bird carried on with his statement,
“I turnover millions a year, to show less than 2% profit. the result of a 4% turnover tax guarantees that my gambling has now become unprofitable”

“Note that Alex failed to mention.

“All my business will now be placed in the illegal market”

It was almost 20 years before the government saw the folly of there decision, at least firstly removing the tax on course. and years later altering the tax to Gross instead of between this time Zillions was taken with a squint and a knod.

Those who were not about at the time one thing that died over night was betting on any short priced favourites, the tax making them uneconomical for backers or layers.
December 1st which I assume is tomorrow, the drastic change will be introduced to all UK backers,and those Bookmakers in the Gibraltar sun, should sell there Sun Cream for at leat there is srill a very string market on Ebay.

Good Luck I will see you on the street corner, placing my bet in a little black bag, making sure that the Irish Sergeant, from Summer Lane Police Station, Pat doesn’t get me (The Taker) in the sites of his night stick, for he was 100% accurate at 80 Yards, this was unfortunate for his Brother Byan who took the bung £5, I believe to escape a £5 Fine.

I will be interested in wednesdays statement, to hear the response, for every MP except Mr Davies, Conservative MP know bugger all about Gambling and the implications of Taxes and Levies.


Only One Tipster for me.

November 30th, 2014

After my 65 years I have come to the conclusion that it is time to pass on a few points that punters can benefit from

I have never been a tipster although I must admit that I always enjoyed dressing up as a lad. so if I had been it would have been The Prince of Tipsters for me.

I doubt that I would have gone as far as Prince Monolou my dress sense would have barred me from going to work, dressed in feathers.

Like original Peter of Liverpool. Ras Prince Monolulu was similar in that they were both coloured, Peter Carl Mackay was a unique horse-racing tipster, a one off.

Like many tipsters, before and since Peter Mckay cornered the market in personality. and as I am a keen student of racing history, I have always believed that there is nothing new in Gambling, just a change in delivery.

I have always believed that Prince Monolulu copied a tipster also called Peter, but became known as just Peter of Liverpool. dressed in a coat to large by half, one cut down Wellington Boot and some times the other foot bare.

Were the Prince claimed to all and sundry that he was from Royal Blood the 1880 resemblance would I am sure have claimed to be KING.,

The only thing that he ever claimed to be truthful was that he couldn’t read or write, to overcome this impediment he required a manager. after a tremendous run, he found that the agent who was given the days takings, for security was short changing him daily..

One day before the Grand National Peter gave his partner the boot. guaranteeing a bumper take, he realised that the advertising plan, he always carried on this special day, hadn’t been conducted. before he started he told his ex friend that he could carry on writing the slips, as he was the only one of the two who could write.

Asking Abe his ex manager, if he would remain as his agent for the last time.

Abe agreed that he would, spending considerable some time writing 250 sheets.promoting the firm.

After 2/3 hours grafting there was a terrible riot with Peters clients trying to kill him,
Fortunately there was a Liverpool copper happily watching the entertainment. .

Taken to the police station for his safety, with the inspector of police failing to understand how a tipster could fall foul of his clients when no race had even taken place. .

It was after they read one of the leaflets that the trouble could be understood.

“My dear client I strongly advise that you use this little bit of paper to wipe your arse with.

Good Luck

Abe who had collected over £70 in tips was never seen again. this unfortunately appears to have been the end of Peter.also.

As for Prince Monolulu the most enjoyable moment he claimed was after he had been invited to a private dinner party, at the Adelphi, Hotel.
The couple who invited The Prince was a well known Royal not one in the top 10 but a Royal for all that. his wife a Duchess was a known party gal.

When Peter 2, arrived at the door of the special room, dressed in a lovely Dinner Suit, it was opened by Lady ??????

“No I am sorry you will not be invited in dressed like that.,
were is your Princely Robe and feathers.

The most enjoyable tale I have ever heard from the period, was the later day £1 shops, expert, Known as The Shocker only because it sounded good and he charged a Shilling for all his tops.

SS arrived in the Tipster scene after the War 2, Seeing the scores of grafters all tipping horses, for a living, Shocker decided to under cut every one who were charging anything from 1 Pound and over.

Shocker started off the same at £1. but could never compete, with those established in the rings.

It was then he had a brain wave working at a at a shilling, for ages he could never get the start that all racecourse tipsters required a great winner of the what SS required.

As he travelled from Birmingham his home base to Liverpool dodging between a bunch of racegoers legs to avoid the ticket snapper,

Once safe he began to write his slips out with his selection for “The Crofter” after he had written over 400 his pencil broke, and as no one would ever allow a man dressed in a coat that smelt like an out of date prune, would have difficulty in borrowing someone’s favourite pen
When he arrived there was a great crowd and all the best tipsters pitches in the cheap enclosure already taken.

When he felt in his bag, he was astounded for he had forgotten the Slips. leaving them on the train.

What could he do,? he had to think on his feet, for all the possible clients would have already purchased there Tip.By the time he had written The Crofter 400 times.

Without a thought, he looked at the runners and wrote anything that could be written quickly.
OXO the Winner
was selected by only one tipster. and that was the Shocker. the Liverpool crowd always ready for some fun never let the other tipster’s forget it, this day and for years to come.
It appeared that it was this winner that guaranteed Shocker years living expenses although I
I assume that he lived like a church mouse anyway.


Donald Duck (Luck)

November 28th, 2014

The first inkling that I had been born Lucky was the rhyming slang of my name. every one carried such a moniker, my brother born 10 lb was known as The Egg, until he was in senior school.

My father who never seamed to stop talking, was known by his drinking chums as mouthy. I was always of the opinion “a name added to or substituted for the proper name of a person, place, etc., as in affection, ridicule, that to be called Noddy, and not Don “a name added to or substituted for the proper name of a person, in affection, although later in life, it was not always so.

After all my family and two generations, had earned there crusts, form the Bookmaking Industry, my father was a brilliant tick tac, those men who you used to see waiving there arms, from a grand stand at a horse racing track. the signs he showed were similar to a deaf and dumb language, the whole idea was to trade between each others with the clients punters, kept in the dark as to price fluctuations.

That wasn’t the only rime I questioned why I was often called a name different to the one I had been christened,

Granddad, certainly never carried much luck firstly he had been born 20 years before the outbreak of WW1. just as they were about to attack, the enemy gas cylinders were produced and dropped yards from the german line,
Watching in anticipation, the wind started to do its dirty work, blowing the gas towards there lines.

All of a sudden the wind changed direction, blowing the deadly gas over my loving grandad, resulting in him spending 20 of every 24 hours gasping for breath,

He never allowed me to forget, how lucky I was being born in 1937, even missing WW2 as well.
When I was 4 years of age, it appeared that my luck was not a guarantee, for my mother took me to the school dentist, a family friend, I had developed a gum disorder that rendered all my milk teeth, deceased, a visit to the dental hospital and every milk tooth was removed rendering me toothless,
This meant that all my food was mashed up for me and dinner was always followed with Rice Pudding.
As my father had missed the war, by gaining a very important skill. that of a Die Sinker, on the building of Wellington Bombers, what with the work at the midland greyhound stadiums, Perry Bar, Hall Green and Kings Heath, we were cash rich, so not only as much race pudding as I liked, a trop to Henley in Arden and the two Golden Syrup treacle tins, empty, these would be filled with the most beautiful Ice Cream I have ever tasted,
One weekend my father had managed to get some tin’s of Pine Apple Squares even though they were rationed,

My mother had opened a tin, just for me, and was about to mash them. before adding them to a coronation milk. my mouth was watering at the thought.

My brother The Egg Sorry I did love him and he had lost a great deal of his roundness. he was out playing football for the school 11 and my granny was out shopping.

For some reason my mother went up stairs, for a moment.
As soon as she disappeared I had the tin of pineapple square’s empted in my dish, and a half inch pineapple square was in my throat.

At first I attempted to bight the fruit for my gums had hardened over time and although it was impossible to bite into an apple, strawberries and raspberries were no problem. however as I had never tried biting into a pine apple, before, my duck for lick was about to be tested.

Being a greedy guts, of a child I had the square in the back of my throat in no time, stuck, I began to choke and in an attempt to take it out I pushed it further down into my gullet. I was in trouble.

When my mother came back in the kitchen I was blue. and lying on my back. looking up towards the ceiling. Mom a loving parent, but had never taken any nurses course, she also attempted to remove the pineapple with here fingers panicking she screamed and ran out of the house into the cul de sac,
leaving me alone.
The next scene was out of view even if I could see out of my eyes for they had rolled back into my sockets.

Walking along the road 100 yards away was a colored nurse, on her way to the nearest bus stop, she was on her way ro the childrens hospital in Birmingham. about 3 miles away.

My mother was running in the opposite direction than the nurse up into the head of the avenue. why I was never informed,
Fortunately for me the nurse 2nd class, only a month in uniform, had very good hearing for she began to sprint towards my see why she was histerical.

Explaining to Miss Boswell, would have taken ages, bar for her, picking up. the words choke, child and kitchen. and number 5. she must have been some clever girl. for within a few seconds, she began a 100 yards sprint, that a neighbour who had come out of her house at No7 would repeat for the next 5 years at least.
She was like Fanny Blankers-Koen (a Dutch Sprinter) fortunately she may not have been an olympian, but she was fast.

When she pushed the kitchen door open, I was almost dead. and had stopped breathing, my Duck, (Luck) was about to be changed for my second name Fred for dead.

The nurse picked me up by my ankles with one hand and with the other punched me in the back with the best uppercut, that she may have been taught by her friends son.who coinsidently was Randolph Adolphus Turpin, the ‘Leamington Licker’. even though he had not matured into a great boxer he must have taught her a few crafty moves.

To cut the story shorter than it deserves, the pineapple shot out of the kitchen window and into the back garden were it was devoured by our pet dog. Yap.

Living in excess of my 3 score and ten, I have had a few near miss,s in my time, but not so close as
this one. One thing I did remember about the incident, was within a few moments the pineapples were changed to a mash abd with a little ice cream soon forgotten, even the nurse stared that she had never tasted Pineapple before,
God Bless her.



November 28th, 2014

For some time I have written topics, mostly on the subject closest to my heart, “Gambling”

On many occasions my opinion as to how a certain story panned out differ from the so called “Historians” having compared my tales with so called experts, it is clear to me that the difference being they are educated in English were I am illiterate.

Now I don’t take that as a put down in fact when I read about an important betting coup, or stroke, by a team, or individual, my story contains facts that have not been part of the professional writers.

Let us take Alex Bird, as he wrote his own memoirs, it would seem fair that they were the truth,
Why should it be so, after all I bet that every one who has written a book on them selves, will have left something out, or in other cases glossed over. leaving the reader to come to a conclusion favourable in the case of Alex.

Well I am unique because I was there personally from 1949 onwards at the mancunians greatest time.

If I say he was cocky and arrogant, I guess because of his success, were well over 95% of those attempting the same outcome failed.

Fan’s of AB may say disgrace to put a person down when he is not around to challenge my comments.

Well thats just to bad, in the late 40s I was walking off the track at Chester when a message came through the exchange telegraph, asking any one who lived in Manchester if they would go to the end rails position and fetch Alex,s “Bins” (Binoculars) he had left them under the stools
I helped to see if we could find some one from Manchester Gus Demmy, was too aloof to be challenged by a young Kid like me’

Walking from the Silver ring was Graham Green a Birmingham Bookmaker who was betting in the cheaper enclosure. when I explained that Alex Bird, had left his Carl Zeis and was desperate to get them for he was going somewhere on Saturday, and they meant a lot to him.

Graham no more than in his late 20s, collected the glass,s that were still there and drove to Manchester miles out of his way.

When he arrived Alex took the Bins out of GG’s hand and said this has caused me to be late for a dinner.
He then closed the door, without a further comment.

A further point that no historian has ever mentioned, is that Alex who stated that when he took his place on the winning line it was as far away as possible,in the stand, I can confirm a question that has been asked from time to time without being answered,

Did Alex have a relationship with any of the racecourse judges,? well if he went 500 times and never backed a loser on a photo finish the answer is “Come to your own conclusion”

Two other gambles were the general opinion differs Gaay Future £30,000 Staked,
Codswallop , all of the big towns in england were peppered, not to forget Ireland,
I can understand why the stake was watered down, if the truth was known they would not have collected even the small % of what they had staked,

In the case of Francasal I will not challenge the £50,000 staked, what I do know is the rail Bookmaker who had taken a position, the first time at Bath, If there had been a close examination of the business done by the top tick tacks, there would have been a real enquiry in stead of a few Welsh coppers who knew nothing about Bookmaking.

One period in time were there should be a in depth enquiry into the Jockey Club, is the Druids Lodge Syndicate, the whole period of 1895 to 1905, should be regurgitated.

I have spent 6 months in the decade, and find a lot of questions that should be answered starting with the 6th Man, (The real Brains) did the 6 use Dope as well as Weight abuse.

Who was Jack Fallons partner in crime when he did his own gambling.

I will leave that comment, until I have concluded my report.

One thing I will say never mind Peaky Blinders this tale would be as a book larger than Gone with the Wind, and as a film, oscar material