Last Will and Testiment.

August 25th, 2014

Reaching my three score and ten, and excepting that I had claimed an extra few years by stealth, I climbed into the loft to see what my grandfather had left me after all I remember him once telling me that being gassed in World War One had removed all chances of a successful carrier, with his old pals at Walsall. (The W Mob) unlike the 5 man team of Card Sharps, specialising in racecourse trains, the other 4 served though the War,years 14/18 intact, 3 of them missed the conflict by there age.the other got a job, with a London, call girl as her minder.

During the World War 2. Albert, would joke, that he wanted to make his inheritance a challenge,
Placing two Golden Syrup Treacle Tins, in the back garden. and it was for me and my brother, to dig for victory.

When I asked my father if there was any truth in the matter.
He never denied that his father in law, had been a great money earner, before he caught the full blast of Gass that his regiment had sent to the Germans, line, never expecting the wind to change, 100 degree,s.

When I was 12 in 1949 both my brother and I turned the back garden over, twice and never once found any contraband, of note. other than a 4 inch pin.

Every one in the Sunday dinner, party spit there side.s with laughter when my father stood up with the Pin in his hand, explaining that Albert although shrewd in some account, he was a right mug punter when it came to horses.

Cards he had been one of the Walsall Mob, who dressed in various clobber (cloths) Alberts expertise being a Vicar.

The leaving of a PIN was a tip in itself, warning the two young grand kids, to stay well away from the Sport of Kings, Dad added that we had not dug deep enough, to uncover the Two Golden Syrup Tins, that he had actually been in the company of granddad, when he placed them 5 feet to the north of the Apple Tree,

I should have known better when his friends once again burst out in laughter.

Every one in the family had been professional pranksters. so after digging for one tin, I wasn’t going to spend a week, looking for my heir loom, even if by account it contained £1,000.

It was my uncle Thomas the WW1 hero who stated Son, just look at the facts your grand dad was a great grafter during the 1900s to 1930s, earned a fortune and spent it as fast.

If he had placed two treacle tins, in a hidden part of your family garden, whilst he was living in the roughest district in Brum. with a communal toilet. don’t you think he would have dug it up himself,

All I ever got off Albert was his trench coat so heavy that it almost crushed me to death.

I do hope there is life after, death, these characters were undeniably fantastic,

I don’t mind if they only go back to the mid 19th century, (1850) and my two grand mothers Jenny and Charlotte. as for pets I will have to call a halt after Devon Loch, or O will be a permanent shit clearer.

Don BUtler

Racing Post. at ‘Last’

August 25th, 2014

Walking in to Morrisons, to get a few Bonus buys for the wife, kept me on my toes for even as a teen ager I was a value seeker.

As a poor sleeper, Betfair I am sure have added 15 years onto my three score and ten.

The amount of value for the British gamblers, are so massive that it shocks me to read of punters actually losing .

I do fully understand what compulsion means, for during my life time I have lost a mother, father, brother, and worse of all a SON. through various compulsions never may I add, through gambling.

From early years my family had the sport of Kings, under wraps.

As I passed the milk and butter, our family favourite

Compulsive gambling, also called gambling disorder, is the uncontrollable urge to keep gambling despite the toll it takes on your life. Gambling means that you’re willing to risk something you value in the hope of getting something of even greater value.

Gambling can stimulate the brain’s reward system much like drugs such as alcohol can, leading to addiction. If you’re prone to compulsive gambling, you may continually chase bets, hide your behaviour, deplete savings, accumulate debt, or even resort to theft or fraud to support your addiction.

Compulsive gambling is a serious condition that can destroy lives. Although treating compulsive gambling can be challenging, many compulsive gamblers have found help through professional treatment.

In gambling, certainly on horses, 98% of players lose, 1% cheat and win, 1% cheat but still lose there ill gained eventually.

History book.s on racing seem to give the impression that the clever dicks beat the system, however the vast majority of coups never get the hands on the actual gild.(Gold)

Today in the racing Post,I was mesmerized by the head leader “The Incredible Story of Gay Future,”

I was more interested at the time getting out of the store and to Corals, on my High Street, to take
the 25/1 Ribbins and 6/1 Pollyana in the 3.10 Deauville.

Knowing that the bets well be restricted to no more than one slab of butter. being Price wise, Selections.

The difference however is how I trade my Betfair wagers and why I make Price wise a yearly profit

It is all based upon the amount you can get on. it is clear that the vast majority of Price wise Tips will shorten.
Secondly it is clear that it is almost impossible to get the very best prices offered at the offset,
Take for instance Corals today offered the bigest price of 25/1 Ribbons. by 8.30 the price had already gone however I have befriended a regular Coral player he bets there every day, and is an obvious considerable loser.

I managed to get £30 on each, selection playing this way.I had turned my £30 stake into a £10 at 47/1. with the fine help from Betfair. The other selection was not as easy but I did mange to take £20 out at 5.2 to 1. The art is to increase the odds at a much reduced stake, only one way to better this plan is to get the information at the same time as Thomas the papers tipster. and that is before the paper is printed.

After doing a little trade, I was incited to read the Gay Future feature, that gave the impression that there was new evidence not known before. there was a new line of information not printed before. alas it was a pure balls,

Don Butler .

Calling Fred.

August 25th, 2014

Interesting to read Fred Done,s questionnaire in yesterdays Racing Post.

He was asked “What,s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?.
Fred response was.”Get the cash up front”

In 1970s I met Fred at the West Bromwich motor way link. I had arranged a meeting for Fred with Warwick Bartlett, the Black country thinker, the Manchester genius Fred, was going to move into the credit game, Warwick was a great record keeper and had done what Fred intended, creating a list of bad debts, as long as your arm.
That meeting I assume created the best advice he ever had.
I am pleased ro have helped in some way.

Barney Curly is not a personal friend but Mick Fletcher, who is as close to BC (Before Christ)as it is possible to get. The rimes I have spoken to Barney his had been very polite.

However Barney is a Ryan Price reincarnation. he has eyes in the back of his head, and another up his karzy.(Bum) there is nothing that he does not know about the Sport of Kings.

I will not give any opinion as to Barney’s modus operandi, but even Barney will I am sure admit, that he could be described as a expert copy cat.
When Barney was being interviewed for a Book launch, on his desk was the “Paul Mathieu” “The Druid’s Lodge Confederacy”

Obviously The Syndicate, had a great plan, it was the defeat of the Sport of Kings Handicap system. it is also a coincident that at the same time as massive gambles were being carried out by the team, the Game was beset by two massive gamblers who had arrived with there very own trainer, Enoch Wishard.from the USA,

There skill was the blatant use of Drugs,
!900 to 1903 must have been a wow for the on-course Bookmakers I can understand why many of there ilk, just bet without Tod Sloan or for those who were prepared to take bets off the yanks imposed a turnover tax. of there own.

I will not enlarge on this point other than to say that there coups were outstanding but short lived.

Were does this leave Barney he states that it isn’t the financial reward of his patience. that rules his thinking, just the fact that he can beat what many believe is almost impossible, to crack. the Betting Ring.

I am sure that Barney will not take full glory for Yellow Sam, for both Gay Future and Francasal, used the Starting Price system, to make there coups worthwhile. so did Barney.

In the case of the Bath Ringer, a blatant criminal act, took place cutting the wires of the telephone service.
What must not be forgotten was the fact that it was a ringer, and the on course Tick Tac service, were very lively, including many Birmingham Rails Bookmakers, the 10/1 was a massive price, but the £5,000 reported to have been placed off course was watered down considerably.

My Father Phil. was the top Tick Tac in the Bath ring, and it is interesting to see what trading he done that day.

Gay Future, a very clever stroke, it is all very well people saying that it was just a clever little prank,
by Irish gamblers with more money than they knew what to do with.

What should be considered is the fact that the Off Course Industry ever since 1880 has had the game by its balls,
If a punter wished to bet first show, he was defeated, with the show restricted by the on course reps, if it was at Starting Price it would be smashed into bits just before the off.

The only way a big hitter, could gain any sort of a level playing field was to play at one of the main festivals. were the ring is massive.

The Gay Future coup was well thought out, but alas there is always some weak link. in the planning. of all betting coups,

It could be claimed that it had a resemblance of a Ringer, by the Gay Future sent to Collins, yard was certainly not Gay Future.

By not sending the other two runners, in the combination to the tracks were they were entered, was foolish, and smacked of a conspiracy. if you are planning a coup you must carry out every aspect of the plan fully. as planned.

However what caused the downfall. of the whole original idea was a simple fact that it was Irish planned. and the early 1970s not a good time to do so.
It took place during some of the worse atrocities on the British the Irish Republican Army.

It was certainly not a clever move by inviting Irish Mafia, as there fun logo.

1971, 12 January: Two bombs exploded at the house of government minister Robert Carr. This attack was one of 25 carried out by the Angry Brigade between August 1970 and August 1971. The Bomb Squad was established at Scotland Yard in January 1971 to target the group, and they were apprehended in August of that year.
1971, 31 October: A bomb exploded in the Post Office Tower in London causing extensive damage but no injuries. The “Kilburn Battalion” of the IRA claimed responsibility for the explosion.
1972, 22 February: The Official Irish Republican Army killed seven civilians in the Aldershot bombing.
1972, 19 September: The group Black September posted a letter bomb to the Israeli embassy in London killing an Israeli diplomat.
1973: The Provisional IRA exploded a car bomb in the street outside the Old Bailey. A shard of glass is preserved as a reminder, embedded in the wall at the top of the main stairs.
1973, 10 September: The Provisional IRA set off bombs at London’s King’s Cross Station and Euston Station injuring 21 people.
1974, 4 February: Eight Soldiers and 4 civilians killed by the Provisional IRA in the M62 coach bombing.
1974, 17 June: The Provisional IRA planted a bomb which exploded at the Houses of Parliament, causing extensive damage and injuring 11 people.

For a very shrewd Irish Business man, to carry out such a gamble without seeing the possibility that the English Police would get a tip off that the winnings from such a plan could be used to purchase ammunition, for there cause. so August 1974, could not have been more inopportune

There is no doubt that after the result was known, Lord Wigg the chairman of the Horse-race Betting Levy Board. was notified, of a problem, I doubt the Bookmakers, who had been stung the most Ladbrokes and Hills,would have thought of an IRA link, but Lord Wigg was a very nasty individual.

LORD WIGG. chairman of the Horse-race Betting Levy Board was also president of the Betting Office Licensees Association.

Having saved the nation from the dire consequences of Russian espionage during the Profumo Scandal, George Wigg turned his attention to cleaning up his beloved sport of HORSE-RACING . …

The IRA bombing campaign was at its height, and there was a lot of anti-Irish a fact.

The headlines regarding a massive betting coup. planned by an Irish team, was of great interest to the massive amount of English Punters, after all what is never considered is the simple fact that when a confidence trick is enacted on a British racecourse the public who have placed there wagers without knowing that there interest has been affected unfairly. deserve consideration,

Those who placed bets in the 1974 Cartmell event, were duped by a conspiracy. it may be a clever sting, with the Bookmakers being badly hit, and if you are not affected you probably may say,

GOOD, nice to see the Bookies crying for once.

But like the day when you know that your selection was a non trier and cheated, you are entitled to a
fair deal. we of course know that it is impossible that every horse every day is trying his utmost.,

As a youth Like the early bird I was up with the lark.never forgetting the saying passed on to me, by Private,Albert Russel, my mothers father. gassed in WW1 spent the rest of his life struggling to breath.
However when with the help of a bottle of scotch, he could get a word out it was that of a genius.

“Every Body is at it bar the Postman” was my favourite, Cynical perhaps, but true.
Barney will go down in racing history, as the games biggest Tricky Dick, ever,

I could call him a Copy Cat, for every stroke he has pulled they had been done before. at some time or another Yellow Sam being a great example.

The Handicap system is imposable to police.the more patient a trainer will be prepared to play the more chance there is of a weight advantage.

A little patience however is not a ringer, or administer of dope, if Gay Future had been successful I am afraid that by now there would have been many more simile events,

As for Barney, I wish him well. the next coups will be computer driven, no knead for any telephone boxes on racecourse ever again,

The control of the betting markets well and truly under the industry’s thumb. not however by some trade association, but by a computer driven source. it is here that I wish to quote Lord Goldstein,

One of the popular service,s for punters both on course and off is the simple Each way terms,

Sad to inform you that that no longer exists,

Win ONLY is the only game to play.

Don Butler

Sunday Thoughts, for the Bookmaking Profession.

August 10th, 2014

I have reached a stage in my life when I except that there will be more worthy souls standing at the pearly gateway to Heaven. than this one eyes lame retired Bookie. I cannot be sure if I should declare Will the fact that I was in a lawful trade, place me superior to bankers, or rag and bone traders.
If I am allowed a few words with Saint Peter (the keeper of the “keys to the kingdom”) I am sure that I can convince him that I am fit to enter heaven even by the back door. after all I have no criminal records other than one for drink and disorderly as a 16 year old. 60 year ago.

When I see the total abuse of those in power by my fellow Bookmakers of today, I must admit I may be better off claiming I was a gambler and ignore any reference to a licence holder.

During the past few months, I have watched with deprivation the amount of races, were the place terms applicable, are tantamount to chicanery. Even the country’s best Bookmaker, Betfred has gained immensely in Saturdays Sponsor, with a 15 runner Handicap 1.2.3 places 1/4 Odds.

I except that the % created by the racecourse Starting Price, agreement, is at a disadvantage when compared with the Betfair Exchange operating to a zero book, minus 5%.

However on average, the Bookmakers Industry, at 2% per runner, is certainly still excessive,

A few years ago there was a massive move to increase the amount of revenue that the Owners Association Trade, were demanding a bigger slice of the industry through the Horse-race Levy system. I know what William Hill would have said about that.

Ignoring the fact that horse-racing is funded through UK punters The Owners Trade discussed with the Bookmakers Association what was to be done in increasing the Owners slice, Pleading Poverty, why is it that punters get such a good deal. there chairman demanded to know, the claim by the Bookmaking Industry that punters were getting a fair deal for there £1. The Owners representative well Why is it that they get such a good deal. ?.
Why cant you increase your profits and pass that though the Horse-race Levy Scheme to the owners. It never was mentioned how this chicanery, agreement would be implemented.

What I am about to report is that I sense a “Deal” has been implemented, were a back handed agreement, between the Owners and Bookmakers Trade Association, has been on place for the past 6 months. were the existing place terms in place since 1960s, are being manipulated. by non other than an authority with such power.

To see the amount of 6/7 runner handicaps, paying payment at 1/4 the odds but 2 places,
15 runner handicaps were only three places, as against 4 for one more runner.there are many cases, were there has been a massive tilt in favour of Bookmakers profitability with the change so technical for the average punter to understand. although it amounts to excess of 20%/40% extra revenue for the Bookmaking Industry, and an increase in the Levy to both the owners and Bookmakers alike.

But what of the Punters, ? who is protecting there interest.? I can only hope that St Peter was a gambler in his life on earth, I will do all I can to slip in between the pearls studding the gate, having gained a name as a Slippery Dick,

Although I realize that I cant take it with me, I hope that the ex Scottish punter who’s stake money placed on the finding of The Lockness Monster, I still maintain in a Sleepers Envelope. has some senior role in heaven. for I have declared his wager as a Non Runner. plus interest, since the bet was placed in 1965. if however The Monster is discovered His stake of £10 and 8/1 will still be available for his claim.
I will make it a priority for him to claim a free bet for the total stake from Paddy Power if possible

Don Butler

Grand Ma was always right.

July 11th, 2014

During tne 1940s, it appeared that my grand mama was always giving me advice, quite a lot I must admit I have forgotten.

“Chew your food Son.”
But the one she seemed adamant was
“Never go back to the same restaurant that you complained about previously”

When I was courting my wife, I befriended a great chief working at the Midland Hotel.Birmingham as soon as I arrived he had given instructions to inform the head waiter I was there.

I found the food to be exquisite, but if I ever ordered something that he advised against, it was
obviously not his cooking skills that were out but the quality of the Food. that particular day..

The Chef was in love with my girl friends sister, one period a Yiddish professional gambler came to the
Midlands to carry out his cheating skill. in the towns casinos, It appeared that he was very good at his chicanery
Flash Arrogant, and Ostentatious, he loved nothing better than to pull a wad (Money) out of his pocket
before leaving the waiter a shilling tip.with the comment tell the Chef to try a little better next time I come.

By chance he met my future sister in law, at the city centre Hairdressers Raymonds, and she was swayed by the amount of cash he had. as well as the fact he had a Merc Sports drop head
When invited out the girl accepted.

The Chef was distraught and threatened one day he would gain revenge.

It was months before he had the opportunity,
Obviously the card sharp didn’t have a Gran. as worldly as I did.

“Steak Diane with brandy and mustard sauce for two. I hope it is as good as I have been told it will be if not I will not be paying”

“I will inform the Chef of your request Sir” counterd the waiter.

A few months later I was in the company of the Chef who explained, that he remembered the incident. and explained the sauce differed in content, from what he had been taught by Albert Roux his French teacher.

Only after we both got drunk did he divulge what the Manchester Spiv had devoured, not to mention the sister in law.which I will refrain from comment, not wishing to spoil the day for you.

71 year later to be precise, my wife who is not well, asked me to fetch a take out meal from Morrison’s, my local super market. for she could not pull herself to get ready, to go out for a meal. at our usual Pub.

“Two Lasagne with Sallad. to take out please my Dear.”
“Sorry we have no containers for a take out meal”

You would have thought that I would have known better, and just gone to one of the other willing super markets of which there are a dozen.

As I arrived at the Morrison complaint desk a lovely young girl was in charge who knew the amount of money we spent in the shop. during a normal week, and although I didn’t expect preferential treatment.I wanted answers,

After a while she returned with one large container, where the manageress of the restaurant had indicated that it wasn’t big enough for two Lasagne and salad.
It was obvious that the extra work contained in a take out was not for the Manageress,s liking that morning,

When I went back I complained that it was bad management to allow the stock to fall that time in the morning, which meant they could no longer offer a take away anyone.

It was clear that I was getting sucked into a difference of opinion than the one offered by my grand mothers during WW2,

When I went to pay, it was £9.50 for two Lasagne and Salad. not a great deal you may say.

“But I have no salad.” all I have been offered is two Lasagne. The difference of opinion was no longer with any human, it was against the Till that couldn’t differentiate between Just Lasagne and Lasagne and Salad.

After a wait of 35 minutes, two containers of Lasagne and two containers for Salad plus arrived. were she found the extra three containers I left un answered.

As I placed it on the plate at home I could hear some one speaking to me.

Ne pas manger de la merde it sounded very much like the Chef.

I called the Staffordshire Terrier and placed my dish in the dogs bowel Tiller (The Hun.) devoured the lot without fact I guess in her black country accent she would have stated,


Whilst the Wife thought that it was nice, I was content for a home made Banana Sandwich.

I then sat alone in my computer room, trying to remember all my gran,s (Charlotte) best advice, to jot them down for my grand Kids to remember.
At least I doubt the added content would have not done much harm.

The one were she told me to chew my food and not just swallow whole. was more serious.
The day that I swallowed a Pineapple Square whole. almost resulted in death by Choking.


P for Place.

July 5th, 2014

The ROA Gold Standard Award for racecourses was established in 2006 to recognise excellence in the raceday experience for owners, their horses and stable staff.

What about the Racecourse Punter. ? were is the excellence of there race day experience.

5 meetings today and not one worth while place bet, every race the place odds at the maximum against punters rights.
The Bet365 Old Newton Cup. one of the country’s great events. and has now been taken over by one of the country’s leading Bookmakers. what a pity.

In 1920s during the black days of racecourse skulduggery, the Racecourse Authority agreed that Bookmakers should run there own affairs on course a Bookmakers trade Association was formed, with Punters included,

The Racecourse Bookmakers and Punters, Association, however as expected the P was soon taken out, and to this day has never been reinstated,

It is about time it Was.

Don Butler.

Early Bird Catches the Worm

June 17th, 2014

If we could go back to the 1950s Bird would have been up since 4.30 getting his cheat (Each way) Bets on)
1/4 the odds a place, some of his business would have been on a commission basis, no wonder he became a Multi Millionaire.

The Bird I am describing is Alex Bird who made a considerable amount of money from betting after the war.
What Alex was if we exclude his Photo Finish Skulduggery. he was an Each-way Scammer, betting on races were if he didn’t win the selection would certainly be placed.

A little unknown to the vast majority even his Historians have never mentioned, when describing Alex in the many Books underestimate his relationship with the Knock Out experts, Max Parker (Ladbrokes) known as Snoutie for the massive size of his noes. no one was shrewder than Max. when it came to price manipulation, How the Starting Price assessors would see Max offering 6/4 an even money chance but refusing all requests. and still used the offer in there calculations. always surprised me.

When I woke this morning at 5.30 and fetched my Sporting Life (Now the Post) I had a shower and sat down to survey which Bookie was giving the most money away, in daily concessions, Ascot was always money for snout, Day, I was always told that bet before 9.0 and then allow the kind Bookie to make his own profit after 1.0
I will pop into Corals although I doubt they will be open at 8.45 more like 9.30 when the freebie have all be taken by the shop cleaners.

But today I don’t know were to start, all the best bonus,s are restricted to new telephone clients and
and then even further to minimal bets.
This of course alienates the High Street Cash Customers but that’s there problem and not mine,

A telephone call to my old clerk to see if he had an account with Paddy P, when he said no then I quickly arranged for a £10 Treble Brazil. Belgium and Russia. at 10/1 that will do for a start even if I will have to juggle the profit through my Betfair Account. I have also told him to place a £50 on Tornado at SP. I will play with the £100 bonus during the week.

Two great Bonus,s if I can convince Independent, Bookie to allow me a Money Back if 2nd, (Offerd by William Hill) Wilf Gilbert is obliged to offer all the same concession being offered by Paddy Power, Hills, Corals, Ladbrokes, all operating in the Redditch Town Centre. of he wishes to survive. however betting to terms being offered by a competitor never did work for me.

The money back if 2nd by Hills is great only if you select short priced favourites there are two today and you can have a free bet for nothing if it is 2nd. or if you wish to trade on Betfair you can guarantee 25% profit.

I will have to pop in to Morrisons, the supermarket struggling surviving, to see if there two for one Irish Butter is still on offer.

I may have a Breakfast, although I am fascinated by the SUN’s feature regarding how to lose weight and eat what ever you like..One Day on and one day off. any one could go 24 hours with only water, si you can eat anything the next day.Gorging yourself on as many burgers, chips and cakes as you like one day then eating fewer calories than you find in a cheese sandwich the next might sound like a worrying eating disorder.
But this regime of chomping away to your heart’s content one day, and virtually starving yourself the next is the latest diet craze. It’s known as ‘intermittent fasting’ or ‘alternate-day dieting’,and devotees insist the pounds just drop off.
The diet soared in popularity after featuring in a BBC2 Horizon documentary a few weeks ago by health journalist Dr Michael Mosley. After a month eating normally five days a week and eating just 600 calories the other two days — known as the 5/2 diet —(That will do for me)

This is great and on the day that you are restricted to Water only you walk 2 miles. in the morning and
2 in the afternoon. Power Walking.

Dont usually watch the racing at Ascot, I keep remembering the fun I used to have there for over 35 years.

The best fun I had was betting on the colour of the Queens Hat, as I was entertaining the vast amount of customers, I noticed an American and his wife dressed up as if there were straight off the My Fair Lady Set,
Her husband never took his eyes off me and my spiel.

“you seem to know every one her by name Sir”

I tell you what if I wanted to I could get every one on the course to respond to my request.
“I would like to see that” the Yank said.

Give me a £5 then and I will show you.
He pulled up a 5 Doller Bill that I placed in my Odd.

Out the corner of my eye I noticed the Queen and her guests were approaching the 2 furling Post.
in the Royal Coach,
As they moved to the 1 furlong
I climbed on top of my big stool. and shouted as loud as I could HIP HIP,
5 thousand people packed along the running rail all called out to a man (Mostly women)


I wish you all good luck and remember you dont have to lose when you bet.


The 2 F Words.

June 16th, 2014

When I google tales of interest, I like to understand if it is factual or fictional. take the 1913 Epsom Derby, were Abuyeur was given the race after the first past the post Craganour was placed 2nd.
I could make a case for a conspiracy, however that would be an opinion on my behalf,
Following the anniversary last year, a great deal of debate took place that used forensic equipment to decide an element of the race that has been debated many times over the century,

It was during a pub quiz, when a question was asked,

What was the year and name of the suffragette who brought the Kings Horse down when trying to place a suffragette scarf around its neck,
Answer Emily Davison. 1913.

What historians tended to do is copy what was written at the time without coming to there own decision. looking at all the facts. it was such a public interest matter, that common sense should have prevailed.prevail.

I have come to the conclusion that the writers at the time were just down right idol. ignoring the facts. consideration is a great deal of common thought. and examination. it was the truth of what occurred when a demented suffragette Emily Davison was killed after colliding with one of the stray horses The Kings Horse that was tailed off and well behind the leaders.
For over a century, opinions raged whether the suffragette was on the Hill of the famous racecourse in a position well known for a view of the horses approaching the straight, the ariaa known as Tattenham corner is part of the Free Course,

Wikipedia, (11 October 1872 – 8 June 1913) states, Emily Davison, was a militant activist who fought for women’s suffrage in Britain. She was jailed on nine occasions and force-fed 49 times.She is best known for stepping in front of King George V’s horse Anmer at the Epsom Derby on 4 June 1913, sustaining injuries that resulted in her death four days later. Emily Davison’s funeral on 14 June 1913 was organised by the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU). Thousands of suffragettes accompanied the coffin and tens of thousands of people lined the streets of London. After a service in Bloomsbury her coffin was taken by train to the family grave in Morpeth, Northumberland.

Modern historians agree that Davison was trying to disturb the Derby in order to draw attention to her cause, rather than to commit suicide, and 2013 analysis of newsreel has supported the idea that Davison was reaching up to attach a scarf to the bridle of the King’s horse. Analysis of newsreel also indicated that her position before she stepped out onto the track would have given her a clear view of the oncoming race, further countering the belief that she ran out in a haphazard way to kill herself.

This statement is the most foolish I have ever read in the many books plus the pathie news images, I advise anyone who doubts my opinion, just test it yourself.

Imagin that you are a minute Scottish lassie Standing in the same position as Emily, behind her were thousands of punters, Bookmaker’s charabancs.many over 12 ft in height.
making it impossible to have seen the horses as they approached the straight, place cotton wool in your ears, for all she would have heard was the noise of the public, and it excitement as the horses approached.

For her to have stood on the rails, whist the vast amount of runners, passed her would suggest that she knew that the Kings Horse was not one of them. and was in the rear, this assumption is ridiculous. in the extream.

How could she have known that very important fact. there was no commentary or radio link she was looking straight ahead, across the course, until the majority of the runners passed.

She then began to walk across the course, and only with good fortune two runners sidestepped her, there is no possible way that she knew that the Kings Runner was one of the remaining three.

X Presenter Clare Balding and investigators Stephen Cole and Mike Dixon returned to the original nitrate film stocks taken on the day and transferred them to a digital format. This was done so that they could be cleaned and so that new software could cross-reference the three different camera angles.

“It has been such an extraordinary adventure to discover more about her, about what she stood for, about the suffragette movement,” said Balding this weekend on her work with the team making Secrets of a Suffragette.
“It is hugely significant as a moment in history, a moment that absolutely sums up the desperation of women in this country who wanted the vote.”

Historians have suggested that Davison was trying to attach a flag to King George V’s horse and police reports suggested two flags were found on her body. Some witnesses believed she was trying to cross the track, thinking the horses had passed by, others believed she had tried to pull down Anmer. The fact that she was carrying a return train ticket from Epsom and had holiday plans with her sister in the near future have also caused some historians to claim that she had no intention of killing herself.

What these so called forensic experts have forgotten by removing all the back ground and come ro a conclusion that E,ily could see the runners round the bend and therefore knew were the Kings Horse was. stupid. how could you remove

In 2011 the horse-racing historian Michael Tanner argued that as Davison was standing in crowds on the inside of the bend at Tattenham Corner it would have been impossible for her to see the king’s horse.
But new cross-referencing between the cameras has revealed, say the C4 programme makers, that Davison was closer to the start of Tattenham Corner than thought and so had a better line of sight. In this position she could have seen and singled out Anmer.

Historians have suggested that Davison and other suffragettes were seen “practising” at grabbing horses in the park near her mother’s house and that they then drew lots to determine who should go to the Derby.

XIn 2011 the horse-racing historian Michael Tanner argued that as Davison was standing in crowds on the inside of the bend at Tattenham Corner it would have been impossible for her to see the king’s horse.

But new cross-referencing between the cameras has revealed, say the C4 programme makers, that Davison was closer to the start of Tattenham Corner than thought and so had a better line of sight. In this position she could have seen and singled out Anmer.

Historians have suggested that Davison and other suffragettes were seen “practising” at grabbing horses in the park near her mother’s house and that they then drew lots to determine who should go to the Derby.

What should be stated is that Emily, was promoting her cause on the Hill and intended to do what many had done in previous Derbys, to wait until the runners passed Tatenham Corner and walk down to the grand stand, were they may get a glimpse of the King and Queen. in there Box. and the full result of the race displayed for all to see,

I find it deplorable when tales that are fact, are altered for a fictional interest, we all know how stories are told fir the general public to read, adding froth, to make a rale more exiting.

Once the writers of the time knew a suffragette had collided with a Derby Runner and fetched it down, it became a massive story when that horse was the Kings. The story was diluted if it was an accident, I hope that in future the Pub Quz, Master states clearly that it was in fact a pure accident, when Emily crossed the course missing two runners, by inches, and colliding with one of the remainders, who just happened to be the Kings runner.

Every day we read tales in the public interest, and daily we know it is pure bollox. Take the TV coverage of Mr Selfridge” the actor a very handsome man in his early 30s playing the part of a 60 year old. womaniser. when we see his wife die, in the final part three. (1918.) we also see a very young attractive actress playing the part of this 60 year old women, we also know factually that both husband a wife knocked years of there true age, having left it very late to move to England to take on the London department store trade.,

There is no doubt that Selfridge, becomes a sugar daddy in his latter years. but story tellers once again add a great deal of froth to making an interesting story much more exiting.
During the years of the Great Depression, Selfridge’s fortune rapidly declined and then disappeared — a situation not helped by his continuous free-spending ways. He gambled frequently and often lost. He also spent money on various showgirls.In 1941, As a 83 year old it will be far fetched, if the same actor play’s the part. he wont be the first old man to be a sugar daddy who craved attractive girls in his company, and Harry was prepared to pay for the attention.

During the time he had also become a compulsive gambler, taking on the Greek Consortium, of Nick Zographos well known as Nick the Greek, a brilliant professional gambler. operating in all the popular casinos at Baden Baden Monte Carlo. Deauville, The Dolly Sisters, gave Harry the publicity he a very large cost.

However when we discuss his final years, we must consider that when he moved into the Putney Flat, the statement, that had become impoverished, requires a little examination. also it is significant that in every feature it just mentions he moved into the flat with a daughter. making it sound like he had moved into a slum district, in a council flat.

Closer examination invites readers to discuss who was the Daughter, and Son in Law he lived a rented Putney Flat. for Rosalea was in fact the daughter who married Serge de Bolotoff, later Wiasemsky,

Consider that Harry was being chased by the inland revenue, and as a wonderful loving father would have taken a great deal of advice on getting his affairs into control.
The Selfridge board voted him off with a £6,000 a year fund, but dont forget that his wife when she died was a very very wealthy women in her own rights, owning a massive amount of property in Chicago.

Harry had plenty of time to safeguard the interests of his children, I would imagine all sorts of Trust Funds having been considered if nit by Harry but certainly be Harrys Fathers in Law and the Buckingham Clan, (His wife’s Family)

On 8 May 1947, Harry Gordon Selfridge died of bronchial pneumonia at his home in Putney, south-west London, aged 89.At the time of his death, Selfridge was reported to have been destitute. His funeral was held on May 12 at St. Mark’s Church in Highcliffe after which he was buried in St Mark’s Churchyard next to his wife and his mother

When reading one historian he uses the word, Harry who had been a very rich man had become relatively (regarded in comparison with something else rather than absolutely) poor. to say that Harry was impoverished and destitute, would employ that both daughter and son in law were also skint, for the would not have allowed such an important man, in his time to lose all creditability. sorry I don not believe it.

Even the £6000 he was being paid a reduced pension, after he retired, dropped to £2000 a year, would in my opinion be advised. by the same firm of solicitors he had from the early days. he retired, at 83 and died at 89. May 1947. that 6 years is the opportunity to make the Selfridge Tale, Fiction as against Fact.

No doubt the public wished to hear that a man so stupid with his massive fortune got what he deserved when becoming destitute and impoverished, dressed like a tramp he was charged outside the store he made famous.

Destitute is a word that highlights the way writers in making a tale interesting, by adding a great deal of fiction.when fact would have been much better.

In 1943 Harry is filmed at Newmarket in his beautifully made cloths, silk socks Tweeds, only 6 years before he died, he was indeed living with his daughter Roselea, at the time alongside her husband a Russian aristocrat, I cant wait to see Harry in his destitute clothing, when the final takes appear.
The cloths that Harry wore all his life were made to last I will take the story of him being dressed like a tramp outside the main entrance of the massive store with a large pinch of salt. I will also be happy to see the police records were they charged him with vagrancy.

I have not seen a family trust fund made out to protect the future of the Selfridge Kids. but I will be surprised if they didn’t exist.

I know a little about life expectancy of top quality Cloths especially the ones made for Harry even if he had developed loss of memory, he didnt become shabby. in a few years. I doubt that his daughter, a Princess after her marriage to a Russian Prince. would allow the head of a very wealthy family. with massive land in Chicago, to bring shame on the name by becoming destitute, I will however wait to see the third and final phase on Harry Selfridge’s life, with a great deal of interest.

I wonder who they will get to play Harry in his final decade, of his life. after all he will be on his way to 90.(89) when he died.What must not be forgotten was Harrys love of his family. and although he lost the chairmanship of the firm, it was passed on to his son and the £6000 a year he was receiving was finally reduced to £2,000 he still made a will himself leaving money to his .daughter. Rosalea.

God bless you Harry I guess that you were cleverer than the majority take you for.
All his children attended his funeral. and flowers covered his grave until in the late 80s when like many graves they became neglected the same as his mother and wife’s, that life I am afraid.



The Good Old Day.s

June 15th, 2014

“You will have to clean out the loft one day, we cant leave it to the Kids. it may be of interest to you, but it certainly isn’t for the grand children. they don’t know who Dorothy Paget was.
The dreaded statement, has haunted me ever since I retired old books, racecourse equipment, that would be refused prior to any bonfire night. were once my pride and joy.

I had to make some effort so I cleaned out the Shed instead, that was bad enough.
However last Monday I decided to climb into the loft and start the dreaded function.
Having watched a program on TV Chanell 148 called “Hoarders,” I felt a little sad that racing books, and Vanity Fair Prints, would be in a skip. when they had given me years of enjoyment.

The first box I found hidden from the elements, was the old racecourse tools, generated after 7 decades, two Odds, (Bookies Bag) a mettle tripod, that was used when Airborne and Tom Lowery, won the 1946 Derby, to open the bag I had to scrape some nasty looking mushroom, away from the loch.
what ever it was it had a great deal of sentimental value if not monetary.

Underneath there were racecourse clerking books from the 80s the period when some foolish politician introduced a on course betting tax.I will not admit that these were duplicate, in an attempt to minimise expenses.but I was amazed with the amount of turnover taken from the firms pitches, after all they were Silver Ring not Tattersalls. .

I then looked into a hidden corner and found some of the firms Rule Books, this was before some greedy individual advertised the word NO LIMIT, How on earth punters survived in these days, I will never know, betting was as much as 2% per runner, profit.

When reading the rules I must admit I was amazed that we ever managed to take any bets,
Amongst the papers was an old betting slip from 1962 over 50 years was still readable. the first thing I noticed was that there was no receipt number just a name.

A small piece of paper from a used brown envelope, 4 horse names, at the bottom of the betting slip was the name Sailor Jim. a tear came to my eyes, when I remembered, the actual punter who owned the slip. no receipt just a personal non de plume.

I always knew him as Tommy and he was one of the first punters who entered our shop when we opened it in Selly Oak, when we moved to Northfield he moved with us, and for a while he was our board-man.

Underneath the horses the type of bet, still clear as a daisy. (Old Saying of unknown meaning)
A Yankee, 6 Double x Four Trebles and x 1 accumulator. 11 bets at the grand total of 55 Pence.
What was the reason for such a non de-script bet being kept for over 50 years.
In my personal writing was three prices 9/1 4/1 10/1 next to the selections, this indicated that I had been on duty working out any winning bets, and was on my toes making sure that any liability was under control. three winners and a cross for the last horse,
The cross, similar seen on a church, a crucifix, It indicated that selection was dead.

The cross had a significance that made my eyes blink again, and for a few seconds, tears once again streamed down my cheeks
I had to climb back down out of the loft and make myself a cup of tea, in fact if I remember ot would have been a Sherrie at the time.

“What’s happened,”
Nothing Dear, just an old memory that has come back from our old day’s..

“I just found this old betting slip from the 60s. we had a punter called Tom he was a loverly old man, I dont ever remember him backing any worthwhile winner, but could always tell you the losers he had backed.
He would hold the shop punters in awe telling them about his unlucky bets that he had encountered, never any lucky one’s.

He once told me that he was going off to his daughters wedding, and decided to leave the Grand National to the Queen Mother, who he idolised, having been a sailor in the WW2, he placed a £1 win Devon Loch and went off to the wedding.

Being poor, I very much doubt he had ever seen much more than a £5, in his life. renting a suit and hat, for the special day after the wedding they all went into a back room to listen to the 1956 race on radio. When Devon Lock, went clear the commentator said the Queen Mum has win the big race at last.

Tom shouted out “Hats OFF to the Queen Hip Hip he never reached Hooray, when the horse collapsed.
Well Tom would have every one in stitches when he came to the punch line. Tom would say I never minded the Horse falling over 10 yards from the post but some one nicked the Hat.and I had to pay for it.

“Well why would that make you cry.” my Wife questioned.

No it wasn’t that but in 1962 Tom had this bet a 5 Pence Yankee and the first three won,
He was dashing around the shop. like a two year old, showing his slip to every punter in the shop. and being Saturday we were busy.

The last horse to run was a Lester Piggott favourite at Evens, I thought it was odd that he had selected three big price winners, for I had never known him back anything other than favourites. Tom was going redder and redder as the last race approached, he always sat on a big stool. a few feet from the door, he once told me that this allowed him to see every one who entered the shop. he hated his only daughter, who he idolised, knowing that he spent all day in the betting shop.

With an hour to go before the last race, Tom had gone very quite
It was at this time that I noticed his cheeks had become puffed up. and he was looking a little agitated.

On the other hand at least a dozen punters mostly his friends were asking to look at the bet, after all it wouldn’t have been the first time, he had exaggerated a little. I had no problem with that, The conversation whilst we waited for the last race, seemed to revolve about how much he would win,
Every body loved Tom and they supported the favourite to a man, at 4.58 just 2 minutes before the off.there was a cry, then silence.

Tom had fallen off his stool and was dead before he hit the ground. I had never seen a corpse at the time but certainly knew one when I saw the old man’s face..

Every one was gathered round the old sailor more interested in his bet than his health.
I decided to take over procedure I lay him down, and placed a pillow under his head, and covered him with my best overcoat. a cream mohair,

The police arrived and even Sargent Dennis, seemed more interested in his wager, and the amount he had running in the last runner.

It was an old Birmingham meat market worker, who had arrived in the shop just before 5.0 who asked the question every one in the shop seemed interested in, what’s Tommies money running on, straingers followed up with who is under the coat,?

Meat market workers were always known as Hard, considering the amount of death they encounter every day even though it is animal and not human.

He was the first to say, well we all know Tom was unlucky, so why should his fortune change after he had died,
A conversation then commenced regarding if the last horse would win or lose based upon Toms history
The closer we got to the race I had noticed every one was pumping for the opinion that .having died and therefore he would not benefit financially, himself the horse would certainly WIN.,

At the off I estimated that of the 50 odd people in the shop every one had backed the Favourite. even Sargent Dennis. who had placed £2, Win, probably the first and last bet in his life. being a staunch Christian, and dead against a choir singer.

The noise when Lester riding number one the top weight. came on the outside, was deafening, if anything could have brought Tom back to life it was this.

No Television only a Tanie system, when the announcement “A Photo Finish” between No 1 and No 12. was announced it never concerned the mass of punters, for it was well known that the number given first in any photo would be the winner 90% of occasions. just be a matter of a few moments before Piggot would be announced as the Winner.
Even though Tom had died, every one was pleased for him.

After 5 minutes and no result, The Meat Worker grafter was starting to question Toms final punt.

Here is the result of the 5.0 Windsor,

Winner number 12. SP 20/1.
If silence could have been bottled, this was it.

The next day Toms Daughter arrived in the shop to claim his winnings, she had been told that he had three big price winners.
I had held a meetng with my brother the night before and we had decided to round his winnings with a collection that we had in Toms memory, making it over £150.

When I gave it to his daughter, and received a wonderful letter from his widow Anne.
I was invited to the funeral. and asked to make a speech about Tom, but found it daunting following on from his friends in the navy.

When my name was called to contribute, I was speechless. however never short of a word or two I told the tale of when we held a whip round for Tom 12 months before his death.he had being taken to hospital and thought to have gone then,

Every one knew that he was a massive Bock, in gambling, never having won, anything before his final wager,

My brother and I decided to give Tom a win/win opportunity, so placed two betting slips in my trilby.

One was for £20 and the other for £40. The Hat was held high above the Sailors head and he reached for his winnings,

He passed the bit of paper, to me to make the fortunate announcement.

Medium 7. 1/8

I am not sure if the tale was understood but I am sure To, would have laughed a little.

D.Day With William. today.

June 7th, 2014

During the 65 years that I have spent gambling, I have never seen so many mind blowing opportunities, for the British punter.

What I ask myself, is if Bookmakers can now virtually give there money away, what chance had the poor punters who lived during the 40s well of course they had no chance.

The only concession was money back if your horses didn’t run, the standard rule being all in run or not.

Well we must not exclude the wonderful Bonus of money back if your winner was disqualified. (Only once in the Derby since 1780)

So the question is how can Bookmakers give so many concessions away, today. when there fathers didnt, only Crockford, offered combination bets at the time.

Simple two changes, have occurred, that makes the saying (Licence to print money “John Banks” the greatest understatement, ever used,

The first development is change to recovery of Gambling Debts, by law, but the most significant change is the debate/credit card facility, that allows a punter to be tied in to a permanent account,

Making the vast amount of punters, only a tick away of Doom.

When a Bookmaker offers a Free bet, what he is doing is paying what will be coppers for a greater licence to Print fortunes.
What will start as a Free cant lose £10. into a £1000 a year losing account if the punter is lucky.

On the other hand, there are a minute amount of punters, many of them insider traders from old. who see that there old games in the stock market, are no different, than today’s, at Betfair.

It is William Hill. who in the 1960s told every one Betting Offices, were doomed at birth, how much that mistake cost William we will never know only the fact of how wrong he was allowed him to catch up. and become the Biggest Bookmaker in the world.

When I was trying to find an edge during the period, the great opportunity was Deposit Accounts, these were certainly a licence to print money, however the amount of punters willing to pay in advance did not exist,

Punters like the Farmer brothers from Lincoln, who had an account with there Bookie, were they could place bets at 6.0 in the evening after they came home from the Fields, and they could bet hours after time, when the results were already known,
Ine night as the Farmers arrived, the phone rung with his sister in law congratulating him for winning the Chester Vase that day.

When the two brothers phoned there Bookmaker to place there daily bets, they had withdrawn bets on the winner for it was unfair,to there Bookie.

Were are these type of punters, today, LOL. even Dorothy Paget, wasn’t that good.

Back to Concessions, it is just a matter of finding a gimmick that will convince a punter to open an account.a Bookmaker could afford to give a punter a winner start every day, just to lock him in as a Client.

Ladbrokes have been very poorly advised, in there chase of customer base, but like Hills in the 60s they will catch up. very quickly, I guess.
The money back if second, picked up by Hills (First used by a Wolverhampton Greyhound Bookie, and not followed until the 2000 by yours truly. in British racecourses.
I will always be a great customer base tool for every time a punter excluding Hillc clients . will be choked when there horse is 2nd. if they are not shrewd enough to have seen the loss then someone will remind them. for cert.

It is a wonder that there are not thousands of punters, who use the betfair trading platform, along side the many paddy power bonus,s or certainly the Hills Money back. it is just a fact that very few actually understand the Betting game mores the pity.
The 5/2 (3.5) Australia, money back.if second. will be seen as a shoe in, certainly when traded into the Betfair market,at 2.5 (6/4) leaving a win win for nothing.